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Winter tips to keep your generator in good condition

Winter can have an effect on anything, from the roof of your home to the health of your skin. Generators are no different, and can suffer in the cold weather and due to rain and snow. However, if you take the right steps to take care of your generator during the winter, you can maintain it and keep it in good condition. There are several things that you can do to ensure your generator stays in good condition throughout the winter, including inspecting it regularly and protecting it if you intend to put it in storage at this time of year.

Checking your fuel

Are you planning to store your generator for more than 30 days over the winter? Before you do this, think about the fuel. You should stabilise the gas by following the instructions on the stabiliser packet and running the generator for a few minutes. This will mean that the solution runs through the carburettor. You might also choose to rotate your fuel supply, as winter is a smart time to do it. You can pour the fuel out and fill up the cans with fresh fuel before adding stabiliser if you are planning to store your generator.

Changing your generators oil level

It’s a good idea to change the oil on your generator before the winter. It should have enough fuel to stay running and have a longer lifespan. If the oil level in your generator gets too low, the generator could shut down to protect itself. When you add fuel to your generator, be sure to check the oil level at the same time using a dipstick. Keep it full to the fill mark and keep some spare oil on hand just in case you notice that the level is getting low.

Checking your generators parts

Take a good look at any replaceable parts on your generator to see if they need to be replaced. This can include the carburettor, air filter, spark plug and fuel filter. Follow your owner’s manual to know how often these things should be checked and when they should be replaced.

Using a transfer switch

A manual transfer switch gives you control over your generator for emergency use during the winter. It connects directly to your electrical system so the generator power can be isolated when necessary. This prevents the generator from overloading. It uses a dedicated able to connect the generator through an inlet box. If you want to protect the electrical wiring in your home or business, you can do it using this method.

Keep Your Generator the Right Temperature

When generators are installed in cold areas, the antifreeze that moves through the system is heated to prevent problems. If your generator has this, the motor should be warm to the touch if it’s operating as it should be. If the temperature is too low, the motor could be damaged. It’s important to call someone to repair your generator for you if it’s not the right temperature.

Take care of your generator in the winter months with the tips we’ve detailed above or get in touch with us for a fll servicing at CPSpowermark.

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