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Why your business needs a backup generator

When you are making decisions for your business recovery, there may be one thing that you left out – your backup generator. Do you remember the hurricanes that wiped out the Virgin Islands in 2017? Well, during that time, more than 15 million people had no power – both residents and businesses. A similar thing happened during Hurricane Katrina, and it took time for local companies to be up and running again.

Would your business be able to cope if you lost power? Of course, there are more reasons than natural disasters behind power outages. They are the one thing that you cannot predict happening, which is why you need to consider a backup generator for business.

What Is A Backup Generator?

Also known as a standby generator, these generators sit on standby and wait to kick in when your primary power source stops working. No matter the reason behind the outage, the backup generator will kick in and start working again. Typically, a backup generator for business is installed outside the company, and they can run for days at a time. They’re commonly run with diesel, gas, or liquid propane. There are generators that are automatic, and then there are those that require a manual kick start. Either way, it’ll be there to rely on when you need it.

Benefits of backup generators for business

Some of the most common benefits of backup generators for your business include:


Is your business able to handle downtime? It doesn’t matter whether it’s the high or low season; if your revenue is steady, you need your operations to continue going. Downtime could eat into your profit, and without a backup generator for business, it’s like throwing money away. With the backup generator, you can stay operational and stay productive.

Security is maintained

Power outages cut your security cameras, and automatic doors are unlocked. Without a backup generator, your business is a sitting duck, and people will take advantage of that. Looting is very real during power outages.

Reduction in your insurance rates

When you invest in backup generators for business, you are making a dent in your insurance payments. It shows that you are covering your back when it comes to damages during a power outage, and as a backup generator makes your business more secure, you can get insured for less. It’s smart to let your insurance company know that you have a backup generator for business!

You’ll never lose data

Businesses keep running because of the level of data that they can collect. Customer data and information has to be kept safe, and it’s your legal responsibility to do so. It’s also the only way to make sure that you maintain trust in your marketplace. Power outages expose your business data, and there is a possibility that you can lose it all when the power cuts out.

Your backup generator should be installed by a professional as this ensures that your power will safely be transferred over, and your business will be safe!

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