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Why you Need CPS Lubricant | PowerMark

Why you Need CPS Lubricant

When it comes to maintaining generators, oil and coolant best practices must be followed to ensure your generator is running efficiently. In this post, we’ll go through what a lubricant is, why and how you need to use it, and why you should buy from a trusted manufacturer like CPS from our PowerMark site.

The basic function of oil in any motor is to lubricate moving components. This reduces the friction created when parts rub together, making for a more efficient and safe generator. Without this, the friction between parts would generate massive amounts of heat that would eventually cause serious damage to a generator. Generator oil also works as a cleaning agent, removing dust and dirt that finds its way into the engine thanks to its viscous nature.


Why you Need Diesel Generator Oil?

To keep a generator running at maximum efficiency, you need to ensure oil levels are kept at their optimum level. In situations where you need a generator to be continuously running, such as emergencies, irregular oil checks could leave a generator running inefficiently and may lead to failure.

Most generators need frequent top-ups of oil. This is because most generators are air-cooled, which means in extreme conditions such as continuous usage or hot weather a generator is likely to burn through oil far quicker than in regular usage.

Regular lubrication of your generator also helps remove particulates. This will help keep your generator’s air filter and other such parts in optimal condition for longer. Without regular oil maintenance, dust and grime may cause your generator to perform irregularly and the damage caused by heat friction may become irreparable.

Improper lubrication of a generator may also affect start-up performance of your generator. In times of need, needless to say, this is less than ideal. From our experience, improper lubrication can also drive up your fuel consumption massively. Irregular oil changes will cost you money, and may even void your generator warranty due to negligence. Generator oil is a small upfront cost when you consider the large toll an inoperable generator may have on your business.


Why buy CPS Lubricant?

Here at PowerMark, we guarantee our customers we only sell the best, genuine generator parts to ensure you have the best answer to any of your power solution needs. We extend this into our line of oil and coolants also. CPS Lubricant is UK-manufactured, which carries a pedigree of quality overseas manufacturers may not have. CPS Lubricant is tested to the rigorous standards of the UK Diesel generator industry and comes with a seal of approval from our team of experts in the field.

CPS Lubricant is designed to be an affordable and quality alternative to the bigger brands, to ensure you’re getting a fair deal from a brand you can trust. CPS Lubricant aims to meet the demands of customers and are suitable for the Commercial, Agricultural, Automotive, and Industrial sectors. For example, ‘SHPD E7 15w/40’ is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated to meet the most severe lubrication requirements demanded by Mercedes Benz, Cummins and Scania.

To keep your generator at its best, you need the best parts and aftercare products. PowerMark is home to the best genuine Diesel generator parts available. For quality generator lubricant, contact us today.





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