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Why You Need a Generator Canopy

A traditional open set generator is efficient, powerful and easy to repair, there’s no denying that. When power is needed, many of our customers use an open set. However, in many common use cases, a generator canopy can have remarkable additional benefits you might not expect. In this post, we’ll walk you through what a generator canopy is and how your power solution can benefit from its installation.

What is a Generator Canopy?

In the simplest of terms, a generator canopy is a cover for your generator. The best way to imagine it is to consider your office computer. If you took off the case, the computer would work fine. The case is not an essential component to your computer, and neither is a canopy for your generator. However, by adding a casing, you help protect your computer from dust and damage. A generator canopy is simply a casing for your generator.

Benefits of a Generator Canopy


Generator Canopies create silent generators

A generator canopy has numerous benefits over leaving your generator as an open set. The most immediately obvious is noise levels. Many generator canopies come equipped with acoustic dampening to amplify this effect, but even the most barebones of canopies will reduce the noise levels of a generator. This is essential for supplying backup or primary power in a public area, such as in construction work or large office/healthcare buildings.

Generator Canopies protect against the weather

In the UK, outdoor conditions are hardly optimal for generators. Rain, snow and more can severely impact the efficiency of an open set generator. Canopies will keep your generators safe and efficient in the toughest of conditions, keeping your power solution running strong. A canopy is likely to save you money in the long-term, as fuel expenditure and repair costs can grow quickly in the winter months. A canopy helps avoid the headache of weather damage.

Generator Canopies are secure

Generator tampering and vandalism is an unfortunate risk in public areas and is near-impossible to protect against with an open set if it’s not placed in a secure location. A generator canopy protects your power solution, with many having lockable doors.


Why buy a Generator Canopy from PowerMark?

Here at PowerMark, we only stock the highest quality genuine generator parts. Our range of generator canopies is manufactured in the UK by the esteemed Constant Power Solutions. All CPS products are manufactured in the UK. Their canopies have a universal flatpack design that’s easy to install on any generator, six lockable doors for easy access and optional:

  • Silencers
  • Control & Breaker Boxes
  • Fuel Gauges
  • Emergency Stops
  • AVM’s

For quality CPS generator canopies and more genuine Diesel Generator parts available worldwide –shop our range at PowerMark today.

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