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Why We Stock Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte is renowned in the Diesel generator industry for their impeccable alternators. Chances are, any Diesel power solution you’ve used has a Mecc Alte alternator within. Here at PowerMark, we stock a variety of genuine parts for sale, including Mecc Alte. But why do we stock Mecc Alte? Learn our top reasons in this article.

The Legacy of Mecc Alte

As we’ve discussed at length in a previous article, Mecc Alte’s long and storied history contributes to their excellence in alternator manufacturing. Mecc Alte was founded by Mario Carraro in 1947.starting as an Italian workshop for electric motors, Mecc Alte grew in the industry before finding its niche in alternators. They have continued their success in this field all the through to the modern day.

What Is a Mecc Alte Alternator?

Alternators are one of the most integral parts of the Genset. In the simplest of terms, the alternator is the part of the Diesel generator that generates the electricity. It is typically attached to the ‘crank’, which is powered by the rest of the Diesel engine. Your alternator is incredibly important to the efficiency and general running of your Diesel generator, so investing in a top-quality Mecc Alte part is vital

The Benefits of Mecc Alte

Choosing Mecc Alte for your alternator is an easy choice to make. Mecc Alte is renowned for their commitment to their manufacturing process. Mecc Alte has led the way in research and design, with multiple low-cost manufacturing factories in Italy, the UK and more. Our range of Mecc Alte alternators covers a vast array of prices and specifications. No matter which Mecc Alte Diesel generator alternator your power solution needs, you can rest assured that you’re getting unparalleled quality at a more than reasonable price.

Why Buy Mecc Alte from PowerMark

PowerMark stocks only the finest genuine parts from brands you love. Our range includes industry hallmarks such as Perkins, Lister Petter, Cummins, Stamford, and (of course) Mecc Alte. We stock an extensive collection of parts. Our selection of Mecc Alte Alternators cover a large array of specifications and sizes, ensuring you’ll find the perfect alternator for your Genset. With over sixteen pages of potential Mecc Alte Diesel generator alternators and alternator parts on our site, our team of experts can help you find what you need.


As you can clearly see, Mecc Alte is one of the greatest brands in the Diesel generator industry. Mecc Alte’s Diesel generator alternators and alternator parts are for sale on our site, and also the quintessential choice for any replacement part. PowerMark offers a vast array of Mecc Alte products covering a variety of specifications and prices.  Browse our range of genuine Diesel generator parts from trusted brands today.

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