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Why a water jacket heater is vital to your standby generator | PowerMark

Why a Water Jacket Heater Is Vital To Your Standby Generator

Do you have a standby generator in your business or even in your home? A standby generator is incredibly beneficial because it will ensure that you are able to maintain power during an outage. Typically, an outage will occur during a period of bad weather such as snow or wind. Unfortunately, even a few minutes without power will cost a business a fortune.

Luckily, a standby generator provides the right solution. With this option in place, you can make sure that the power returns to your business with no delay. You don’t have to wait for the systems to switch back on, this can be a completely automatic process like the flick of a switch.

However, it is possible that instead of powering your company during an outage, your standby generator doesn’t work at all. Upon inspection, you might discover that this is due to low coolant temperature. That will be the case if the water jacket heater on your generator is not working effectively.

Why is a water jacket heater crucial?

A water jacket heater will ensure that a liquid-cooled generator runs effectively when the need arises. If the water jacket heater is not in place, then it’s possible that the engine goes cold and this means that the standby system will not perform.

Usually, you will find that a water jacket heater is provided and installed with the generator itself. In some cases, this will be part of the overall factory design. For other brands, it’s an add on feature that is well worth the investment. It will always be necessary if you are attempting to run the generator where temperatures are below 16-degree Celsius.

As well as ensuring that the generator will continue to operate even in cold weather, it also guarantees that your generator is more reliable. It ensures that a warm temperature is maintained and the engine cycle is kept rapid for a quickly ‘on-line’ performance.

It is particularly useful if the generator is going to be used to power critical loads. For instance, if a power outage is going to impact levels of safety or put people at risk, a water jacket heater is always going to be a recommended feature. This will ensure that the system loads within ten seconds after a loss of primary power. As such, there will be limited to no disruption during the change.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits of a water jacket heater for your generator as well. For instance, they can ensure that the level of engine wear is greatly reduced. This is possible because critical parts are effectively lubricated through the start cycle.

They may also save fuel. The reason for this is that it is not necessary to keep the engine idle to ensure the correct starting temperature. It may also be possible to reduce the level of condensation in the engine sump. This again, ensures that the machine is functioning at the optimum level.

We hope this helps you understand the key benefits of a water jacket heater and why you might use one for your standby generator.

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