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Which parts of my diesel generator could be affected by the cold in winter?

Having a generator in your home is a great backup option in the event of an unexpected power failure. And, during winter, unexpected interruptions to power supplies are much more common. That’s why it’s so important to have a fully-functional diesel generator in your house at this time of year. Of course, ironically, the time of year at which diesel generators are most necessary is also the time of year at which they’re most likely to break down. The cold weather affects machinery and technological equipment. That’s probably why you got the generator itself in the first place. But your generator isn’t immune to damage, so it’s important to keep it in working condition to ensure that you’re prepared for winter. These are some of the parts of your diesel generator which could be affected by the cold in winter.


The canopy

Your generator’s canopy is one of the most important components to consider. If you want your generator to operate effectively, it needs to be stored in a warm place. Of course, given that you probably expect your generator to automatically kick in when the weather is bad and the normal power supply is down, it’s safe to expect that you’ll be relying on your backup generator to work on a cold day. So, if you want your generator to be the one thing that works when everything else breaks down, then you need to ensure that its canopy is in good shape. Your generator’s external protection is crucial to its ability to function properly.


You might want to check out PowerMark for a replacement canopy if you’re worried that your generator’s existing canopy won’t provide the necessary protection from weather damage. It’s so important to keep your generator warm and safeguarded. Otherwise, it might let you down when the occasion arises for it to automatically kick in. An instantaneous switch to backup power is essential in the event of an outage because the heating equipment needs to be connected to a live power source when the generator is off. That’s necessary for the generator to automatically turn on when your ordinary power supply is cut off. So, consider the environment in which you store your generator. The canopy is one of the most important components to maintain because it provides a safe enclosure for your diesel generator.


The control module

Obviously, the control module is a generator’s most important component. The canopy protects the generator, of course, but the generator won’t function at all if it doesn’t operate as intended in a technological sense. Yes, it needs to be kept in a warm and protected environment, but it also needs to operate effectively on a mechanical level. And, as with all technological equipment, generators can become more temperamental as the years go by. So, you should definitely keep an eye on the control module. It’s something that might need to be replaced or upgraded at some point. You should make sure you have a functioning module before you face bad weather over winter. If this component is faulty, then your generator might not work properly.


The fuel tank

Obviously, the fuel tank is incredibly important, too. Many owners of generators don’t quite understand the importance of this component. Using the right fuel grade is essential if you want a diesel generator to operate properly; Number 2 Diesel is not appropriate for cold conditions. Of course, whether you use the right type of diesel or not, you might still have problems with your fuel tank. Without a well-functioning tank, you’ll have no power for your generator. So, if you think your fuel tank has been affected by the cold weather, you should replace it.


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