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What is an Anti-Condensation Heater

When it comes to Diesel generators, every part plays a vital role. To operate at maximum efficiency, there’s one vital piece that your generator relies upon you may never have thought of before. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the anti-condensation heater, explain what it does for your generator and explain why you need one from PowerMark.

What an Anti-Condensation Heater Does Explained

An anti-condensation heater, also known as a space heater, reduces the moisture present in the air around and within your generator. An anti-condensation heater is housed inside your alternator and reduces overall humidity when the alternator is not in use, but both cannot be used at the same time.

An anti-condensation heater is ideal in these scenarios:

  • Coastal areas or other areas with high humidity
  • When a backup generator will be inactive for an extended period of time
  • Cold areas

You’ll often find anti-condensation heaters in Stamford & Mecc Alte alternators, to help increase their longevity. It’s important to note that an anti-condensation heater cannot dry out an alternator entirely.

How Anti-Condensation Heaters Work

Most anti-condensation heaters rely upon convection to generate heat. Convection requires electricity to pass through a heating element to heat the alternator. Some may have fans to distribute the heat more evenly, or use less conventional methods such as infra-red heating. However they generate heat, the space heater will keep the alternator at an adequate temperature that does not allow for condensation conditions to be met.

Why Buy Anti-Condensation Heaters from PowerMark

Here at PowerMark, we sell only the highest quality genuine parts, from trusted brands who excel in their field. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that any anti-condensation heater you buy from us comes from quality brands renowned for their alternator space heaters, including Mecc Alte and Stamford. We stock a wide variety of anti-condensation heaters for sale designed to fit multiple generator types and makes, and offer global export from right here in the UK. Alongside this, you can trust that our team of experts are always on hand to offer invaluable advice and information to help you keep your generator and it’s space heater running at maximum efficiency.

Browse our range for UK-manufactured parts from top Diesel generator brands covering every aspect of the generator including:

  • Canopies
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…And more.

Contact our expert team today. For best-in-class parts, you need PowerMark.

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