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What is a capacitor and why is it an integral part of a diesel generator?

Many people realise that Diesel Generators are invaluable to have – whether they have one within their residential property or their business premises. Suitable for a wide range of purposes, from agricultural applications to assisting with providing backup power, they can save you money on electricity bills and ensure that your organisation continues to function when the weather is poor by providing a complete power solution.

But do you know the different parts within a generator that ensures that it’s working as it should? As well as the alternator, battery charger, control panel and voltage regulator, a diesel generator must have a capacitor within it in order to fully function. This small but essential feature might not seem as crucial as other parts – but that assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s important to know that Diesel Generator capacitors are available in various capacities and the right capacitor for the task will depend on the type of diesel generator and the power that you need.

If you’re unsure as to which capacitor you need for your Diesel Generator, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We can guide you through the different ranges we have on offer, as well as the process of replacing them within your generator.

Why is it important?

Previously referred to as a condensator or a condenser, it adds capacitance to a circuit. An integral part of the machine, the capacitor will store and accumulate an electric charge, giving it to the generator when necessary. Charging and discharging the electric charge, it’s made of two close conductors which are separated by a dielectric material.

As the capacitor induces voltage and regulates it, it’s a key part of the generator. Without a good capacity, you’ll receive a low voltage reading from the generator and the power will not be generated how it should. Once you notice that your capacitor within your Diesel Generator isn’t working, it’s important that you seek high-quality and professional generator repairs. Without doing so, your generator will cease to do its job correctly.

Required as it will reduce the possibility of voltage surges and will excite the Alternator windings, they can last a lifetime if they are made correctly. If used incorrectly, it can become damaged or burnt out. It’s common that this will occur when a higher voltage than the generator can handle is applied to the alternator.

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At CPS, we sell a wide range of replacement parts for Diesel, Soundproof, Hybrid, Open Set and Containerised generators. We also offer exceptional maintenance and generator repairs, whether you’ve purchased the generator or parts from us or another retailer.

To discover the Diesel Generator capacitors we have on offer, you can either check out our component page or get in contact with us via 01757 428 140 by email at or by filling out our easy to use online form. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any queries that you might have about capacitors.

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