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2021 Diesel News | PowerMark

What Awaits Top Diesel Generator Brands Next Year?

Here at PowerMark, our team of experts are always on the lookout for new Diesel generator developments from the top brands we offer. To understand the genuine parts we offer as best we can, we endeavour to understand the business and climate around them. As we enter 2021 and begin a new year full of innovation and progress in the power solution industry, we’d like to draw your attention to the exciting developments ahead for the Diesel generator world. Read on to learn about the latest news in the Diesel generator world that may be of interest when deciding on buying new parts, courtesy of PowerMark.

Cummins Diesel Generator Manufacturer News

Cummins, specifically it’s hydrogenic subsidiary, is set to open new factories in 2021, including a German Hydrogen Fuel Cell factory in Herten. This new factory is expected to create up to 10MW of power annually. Expansion in any direction is exciting and assuring news for any Cummins customer. Growth into new and exciting fields ensures a diversified portfolio that will ensure survival, alongside prosperity that will no doubt carry over into exciting and fruitful innovations in Cummins’ renowned Diesel engine technologies.

Mecc Alte Diesel Generator Manufacturer News

With the recent release of their Mecc Alte C-Type Alternator, considered one of the easiest and most powerful alternators to install, Mecc Alte are clearly on track to continue to deliver the greatest alternators on the market. In a recent Facebook post Mecc Alte stressed it’s commitment to support in the times we currently face ourselves in. Mecc Alte is a brand with exciting potential in 2021.

Newage ¦ Stamford ¦ AvK Diesel Generator Manufacturer News

Newage has recently begun offering virtual events on a variety of topics that have informed countless across the globe. this adaptation to the modern environment we all find ourselves in has shown Newage’s commitment to being a frontrunner in innovation and modernity in the Diesel generator industry. In October they held an educational webinar on alternators taught by their service team. Soon Newage will be holding a customer event for China and APAC Customers. APAC will be enjoying a virtual event, whereas Chinese customers will be heading to Hainan. Whichever you decide to participate in – Newage clearly has exciting customer-facing plans lined up for the future.

Volvo Diesel Engine Manufacturer News

Volvo laid out a plan in 2018 that indicated a move to hybrid and electric solutions towards 2021. This plan has clearly had some setbacks due to current events but continues to remain on course. Volvo’s most recent additions to their line up are the D8 Stage 2 and Stage 3A Diesel Engines. These engines have been optimised for the power generation market thanks to their incredible fuel economy and silent running. Volvo’s 2021 remains hazy, but they’re definitely a strong company to look out for as the new year begins.


As you can see, the future of the Diesel generator industry continues to look as bright as ever as we enter 2021. For the essential genuine parts you need to continue your future with Diesel generators from brands you love, including Mecc Alte; Cummins; Perkins and many more, contact our team of proven experts here at PowerMark today.

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