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Perkins Bellows Explained | PowerMark

What are Perkins Bellows?

As we’ve discussed many times before, Perkins are renowned for their diesel engine parts throughout the industry. From actuators to O Rings, Perkins parts provide incredible quality and efficiency across a wide array of areas in the Diesel engine that very few manufacturers match. One often overlooked aspect of the Diesel generator is the exhaust. Exhaust parts are often vital to ensuring your Diesel generator is safe to operate and meets regulations standards. Therefore, it’s vital you trust a quality manufacturer like Perkins. Learn more about just one part of your Diesel generator exhaust system Perkins produces, the bellows, here at PowerMark.

What is a Diesel Generator Bellow?

Diesel generators produce emissions as a byproduct of their power generation process. These are passed through the exhaust system. Typically, a Diesel generator exhaust system will typically feature more flexible parts, such as the exhaust pipe, than you see in the rest of your Diesel generator’s parts.

Flexible parts are more prone to dislodging or sustaining damage from motion. Diesel generators, during their running process, also produce kinetic energy. This kinetic energy can be seen as vibrations. In order to avoid damage to the flexible exhaust system, you need a part that reduces the kinetic energy transferred to the Diesel generator exhaust system, whilst still allowing emissions to reach the exhaust system.

This part is known as a bellow. Bellows are typically produced from steel and feature corrugation. Perkins Bellows are renowned for their quality and shock absorption. PowerMark has a vast array of Perkins Bellows on our site, built for a variety of specifications, regulations and standards.

Which Perkins Bellow does my Diesel generator need?

Simply put, with the intricacies of a Diesel generator there’s no way to tell you without having intimate knowledge of your Diesel generator. If you have the model number of your current bellows, finding the replacement part on our site should be easy. If you’re unsure, or have had problems with a part in the past, we can help.

PowerMark has a team of Diesel generator experts available at any time to answer your component queries and help you find the perfect part for your Diesel Generator. You can reach our PowerMark experts in a variety of ways. Head to our contact us page and fill out the form, reach out via email or contact us directly via our phone number. No matter how you reach out, our team of experts will use their experience to help you find the Diesel generator part you need!

We hope this guide has helped you and your business get to know your Diesel generator a little better. For Diesel generator bellows and other parts from trusted brands – including Perkins, Mecc Alte & more, browse our range today.

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