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What are CKD generator parts | PowerMark

What are CKD generator parts?

If you’re in the market to buy a new generator, you need to know exactly what you are buying. Diesel generators are a major purchase, and if you’re investing in something of such importance, you need to know exactly what you’re buying.

When buying a Diesel generator you may come across terms such as CKD and SKD, but what do they mean?

In this article, we’ll talk about CKD generators and explain exactly what that means to you.


What is CKD?

CKD stands for Complete Knock Down, or Completely knock down. Complete knock down means that part or a complete engine will come shipped disassembled.

In the case of a Diesel generator being shipped as complete knockdown, this means that the end-user will need to assemble the generator themselves.


What are the benefits of CKD?

The reason that many items are shipped as complete knock down is to say on import duties, local tariffs, and to lower the amount of the space that an item will take up during shipping.

In addition to the lower costs associated with shipping, this makes it easier for manufacturers and suppliers to pass on cost savings to their end-users. This improves their competitive edge and raises its standing in the marketplace.

There are cost savings that can be made due to the lack of assembly costs, this also increases the productivity rate for the manufacturer. All of these things add up to a lower price for the customers.

For suppliers, the lower costs and smaller package sizes mean that they can hold more stock. This improves stock availability for customers. The speed at which an order can be fulfilled will lead to better customer service standards.


What is SKD?

SKD stands for semi-knock down. SKD products require some assembly. In the case of Diesel generators, this means that engine and alternator may be mounted to a frame, and the electric panel may need fitting, or this might be supplied separately.


What are the differences between CKD and SKD?

The major difference between products that are shipped CKD and SKD is that completely knock down products require full assembly whereas SKD may just need the final pieces adding.

Semi knock down products will offer some cost savings in comparison to complete built-up products. They are still eligible for many of the shipping cost reductions that complete knock down generators may have. However, being partially build-up will mean that they will take up more space.


Who Benefits from CKD and SKD products?

When shipping CKD and SKD everyone from manufacturers through to suppliers will benefit. This saving can be passed onto retailers. In the event that the unit is built up by the supplier once it is in its destination country, this cost may be factored in the price that they distribute the unit to the final end-user. That said, even when shipping CKD units that are built up, customers will generally still see a very competitive price in most circumstances.

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