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Water Jacket Heaters Explained

During cold winter months like these, engines of all kinds can struggle. Even in common life, we’ve all had to deal with a car engine that just won’t start in the cold. However, with PowerMark’s collection of Diesel generator Water Jacket Heater from renowned brands in the industry, cold-related startup issues could be a thing of the past. Learn how our water jacket heaters can help your Diesel generator this winter in this article!

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Jacket Heater?

Also known as an Engine Pre-heater and a Jacket Water Heater, the purpose of the water jacket heater is to keep the Diesel engine at the right temperature to start, regardless of outside conditions. It ensures your generator is sitting at the ideal temperature to start up and then continue to operate effectively, without relying just on the glowplug to get the Diesel ready. Consider it almost like a blanket or radiator (the household type) for your Diesel generator. It ensures the whole generator is warmed up enough to provide your power.

Typically, a water jacket is the casing formed around the cylinder head and the cylinder block, with an external heating device. The warm water is pumped at a precise temperature to ensure your Diesel generator can start up no matter how cold it gets. Most Diesel generator water jacket heaters aim to heat this area to around 43 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal temperature for a quick and efficient start-up in cold conditions. This temperature is typically controlled by a thermometer

Why Choose CPS Water Jacket Heaters from PowerMark

Here at PowerMark, we have CPS Water Jacket Heater for sale for a variety of loads. From 100 kVA to 690+, we stock the quality UK-manufactured part from CPS you need to keep your Diesel generator running in the cold winter and beyond. CPS has become renowned in the Diesel generator industry thanks to the ability to provide the highest quality with an ISO-9001 accredited Quality Management system. This is complemented with competitive pricing that many can’t beat, alongside our worldwide delivery.


Our Diesel generator part experts here at PowerMark hope their collective decades of experience in the Diesel generator industry have helped you and your business learn and understand the role of the Water Jacket Heater. A water jacket heater from our site, provided by CPS, has an extensive list of benefits to your Diesel generators day-to-day running, including faster startup times. Combine these benefits with UK-manufacturing excellence and a competitive price and you have just a selection of the amazing products available on our site. PowerMark stocks genuine Diesel generator part brands, including Mecc Alte and more. Browse our range today or read more of our blogs here.

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