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UK Generator Parts for Sale Explained – PowerMark UK | PowerMark

UK Generator Parts for Sale Explained – PowerMark UK


An Introduction to Generator Parts

PowerMark Uk is the UK’s premier supplier of generator parts. But whilst our name might be well known, the parts themselves and their purpose isn’t always common knowledge and can lead to confusion as to what your generator might need. In this guide, we’ll go through some of the parts we offer and what exactly they do, to turn you into a bona fide generator guru!


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An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), is often installed alongside a backup generator so that a generator can take over from the mains supply in the case of an electrical complication. This ensures your business can continue functioning with minimal issue. This is vital in medical fields, or other areas where time and/or constant power supply is vital.

We have many Automatic Transfer Switches for sale, ranging from 60A to 2500A. Our Automatic Transfer Switches are ideal to work with a wide range of Diesel generator brands such as FG Wilson, CAT, Cummins and the world-famous UK brand Constant Power Solutions Ltd (CPS), who offer some of the best generators for sale in the UK and worldwide. PowerMark can offer you a complete, tailored switchgear solution to meet all of your needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch for a discussion.



Control modules

Typically on a Diesel generator, the Control Module is responsible for starting/shutting down the generator and allows for monitoring of various protections and warnings. Imagine it like a car’s dashboard, it’s necessary on any generator so you can manage the system easily.

We off a wide variety of Deep Sea Electronics Control modules to fit a variety of purposes and generators. Including Load Sharing, Auto Mains Failure and Manual & Auto Start control modules. Deep Sea Electronics are well known in the industry for their adherence to ensuring all their systems are reliable and dependable, whilst not compromising in deviation. If you need a Control Module, Deep Sea Electronics are the only name you need to think of.



Fuel tank

Fuel Tanks contain the Diesel your Generator needs to supply power. It is vital to ensure you have the right size, shape and quality of general fuel tank to avoid inefficiencies or leakages, which could result in a loss of time or money for your business. Luckily, we offer a wide variety of fuel tanks, from sizes of 250l to 4000l.

We also offer the ‘TransCube’ line of fuel tanks, designed for short-term projects & perfect for portable generators. These offer refuelling versatility with their ease of transport and is suited for auxiliary fuel tank usage, allowing your generator to run longer if necessary.



We have a range of universal Diesel generator Canopies for sale, purpose-built to work with various engine and alternator combinations. A canopy is further housing for a generator, providing security, versatility and soundproofing. This is necessary for sound-sensitive areas, such as basements or public construction zones where the government mandates generators fall within ‘acceptable’ sound levels. All of our canopies that we supply are designed by world-renowned Constant Power Solutions Ltd, and manufactured in the UK. All of our canopies for sale come in a flat pack kit which consists of base frame, base fuel tank, soundproofing and canopy enclosure and are ideal for replacement canopy solutions or export generator manufacturers.


Our range doesn’t stop there, we have a wide variety of parts for every individual component in a power solution, from Breaker Boxes all the way down to sockets. PowerMark is home to the best parts on the market, at the best prices, and our world-class team is available at a moment’s notice to offer valuable insight and support to create the perfect solution for you. Check out the site today and find exactly what you need and more.




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