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The Importance of an Automatic Transfer Switch

If you have a generator in your business or maybe even your home, then you are likely going to have an automatic transfer switch, but do you know what this means and why it is important? If not, then you will by the time that you have finished reading this blog! We are going to give you all of the information that you need to know about why this is important, and why you should replace a broken one as soon as possible.

What Is An Automatic Transfer Switch?

An automatic transfer switch is an electrical switch that allows a backup generator to provide a temporary electrical supply to a building should the main utility source fail. The difference between an automatic switch and a manual switch is that with the automatic, it will trigger the generator to start providing electricity as soon as it senses that there has been an issue with the main power source.

There are four different types of automatic transfer switches, and these are an open transition, closed transition, centre off and solid-state. The one you will have for your backup power source will depend on what type of service it is going to have to provide in an emergency.

Why Is It Important?

One of the reasons that these switches are so important is that when the main power source fails, you might need power as soon as possible. Not everyone has time to go down to where the generator is and then flip the switch. For example, in a hospital, you are going to need power constantly, and any kind of disruption in this is going to cause a lot of issues for the hospital in general. When you have an automatic transfer switch, this isn’t going to be an issue because the back-up generator will kick in as soon as the switch detects an issue. This means you are not going to be left without power for longer than a few seconds maximum.

Why Should You Replace A Broken One?

You should be conducting tests every month or so to ensure that your automatic transfer switch is working properly. If you do notice that there is an issue, you should look into replacing this as soon as possible. The reason for this is that the automatic transfer switch is a vital component in backup energy sources as it selects the source and then conducts electricity to meet the needs of that source. If yours is broken and you have decided not to replace it, then if the worst does happen and your power goes out, you could be stuck without it for a while. Your generator is not going to be able to function effectively without a working automatic transfer switch if it has been designed to incorporate one.

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