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Top 4 Obscure Diesel Engine Parts | PowerMark

The Greatest Gift of All: The Lesser-Known Parts that make your Diesel Engines

Here at PowerMark, we’ve discussed at length the parts that make your Diesel generator function. From alternators to fuel tanks, your power solution is a truly intricate piece of machinery. Countless parts move countless others to create the power your business needs to keep marching on, day-in and day-out. By far the most complicated and also vital part of your Diesel generator is the engine itself. To learn more about the lesser-known aspects of your Diesel generator’s heart, the engine, carry on with this handy PowerMark guide.

How does a Diesel Engine work?

As we’ve discussed more in-depth in a prior articles, a Diesel engine works via combustion. The engine compresses hot air inside cylinders. This creates air temperatures so high that any Diesel injected into the combustion chamber immediately ignites. This leads to combustion which, in turn, creates the energy your generator needs to supply you with electricity.

Diesel Engine components/parts list

Here is a list of lesser-known components of your Diesel generator’s engine and how they function to best serve your business’s power needs.

Glow Plugs

As we discussed in our Halloween article: glow plugs are the lifeline of your Diesel generator. A glow plug has a similar purpose as the more conventional spark plug you may find in a petrol engine. A glow plug provides the heat necessary to begin the combustion process in your Diesel engine.

Diesel Engine Fuel/Air Filters

Diesel engines employ an array of filters to keep debris from entering the engine. You’ll typically find more than one filter in your Diesel engine. Your main filter can be found between your fuel tank and engine, cleaning your fuel before it enters your fuel transfer pump. You’ll likely find an additional filter before the fuel injectors also.

Crankshaft Explained

Crankshafts serve as the intricate transition point between linear and rotational motions within your generator. Crankshafts are essential for generating the load your Diesel generator outputs. They are typically made of steel and covered in rod bearings. These bearings are slightly offset, which allows for the translation of linear piston motion into rotational form. A crankshaft will also feature a variety of counterweights to ensure proper balance. The bearings are typically split into halves to allow for easy replacement

Diesel Engine Flywheel

Flywheels are a truly underappreciated part of a Diesel engine. The flywheel will be found at one end of your crankshaft. As it spins, the inertia created reduces vibrations from power strokes. Your flywheel is also used as the mounting for your engine to get up to load. Many flywheels also have teeth around the edge which engages starting motors.


This is just a small and unique selection of the countless parts found in just the Diesel engine of your Diesel generator. For in-depth expert advice on the exact genuine generator part you need, contact our team of experts today or read another of our excellent educational articles here at PowerMark today.

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