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Best-Selling Engine Parts

The Best-Selling Engine Parts You Need now

PowerMark is home to a wide range of genuine Diesel generator parts for sale, ranging from Diesel generator canopies and lubricants to Diesel engine parts. Our array of Diesel engine parts covers over 9,000 products, each tailored to meet your Diesel generator’s individual needs. Learn more about some of our best-selling Diesel engine parts, available now at PowerMark.

Perkins Glow Plug 2666A005

As discussed in a previous blog, Diesel generator glow plugs are vital f0or ensuring an efficient and safe start during colder temperatures. When you’re looking for safety and efficiency, you need reliability. Perkins parts are manufactured as part of a legacy spanning back over a century. This Perkins Glow plug, alongside its countless contemporaries available on our site, is designed for a reliable startup in the coldest temperatures. Glow Plugs are among the most commonly utilised parts on the Diesel generator, meaning they often need to be replaced. Enquire about compatible Perkins Glow Plugs on our 24/7 helpline of Diesel generator express, or entrust our flexible servicing contracts for your general maintenance needs.

Perkins Piston Ring Kit 115104080

Another fast-selling Perkins part from PowerMark, Piston rings, is vital to ensure your Diesel generator runs at maximum efficiency. For example:

1.      Piston Rings Make the Necessary Lubricating Oil Film

Pistons move inside the engine at a rapid rate, around several thousand times per minute. Piston rings control the flow of lubricating oils into the piston, preventing internal scuffing

2.      Piston Rings Support The Piston, Preventing Contact With The Wall

Piston rings create a frictional force against the piston. This force pushes against the cylinder to create a natural barrier. If the piston was to make contact with the cylinder, complete engine failure is the likely result

3.      Piston Rings Maintain Gas Compression

Piston rings create a natural seal between the cylinder wall and piston. This friction prevents any combustion gas from leaking out at the time of ignition. If this were to occur, power loss would lead to lower output from the Diesel generator.

Lister Petter Belt (751-17820)

The belt of your Diesel generator transfers motion from your Diesel engine pistons to the Diesel generator’s alternator. The belt is a vital component for creating power. Still, many non-genuine or lesser-quality belts are prone to breakage. Lister Petter is a manufacturer renowned for exceptional quality in their range of Diesel generator parts for sale, including their Diesel engine belts. Learn more about the fantastic Lister Petter range here.

We hope this guide has shown you some top-quality diesel generator parts for sale – before they go out of stock! PowerMark is a leading supplier of genuine Diesel generator parts across the UK and beyond. Please browse our product range, including Diesel generators for sale, today or contact our 24/7 helpline to find the perfect Diesel generator parts for your needs.

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