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Tanks for Everything: Diesel Storage Tank Guide

Diesel fuel storage is an excellent way to prepare for the year ahead, as we discussed in the last article. Now that you know how to store it, the next question is simple. What do you store it in? Here at PowerMark, we stock some of the highest quality Diesel generator parts for sale in the UK. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the amazing Diesel fuel tanks we have here in our site and why they’re the perfect choice for your Diesel fuel storage needs.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Diesel Fuel tanks

There are two primary aspects to consider when purchasing a Diesel fuel tank. Size and budget. Here at PowerMark, we sell everything from 250l to 4000l, ensuring you can store plenty of Diesel for your needs. Said tankers can accommodate a variety of budgets. We stock both the esteemed Transcube range and the CPS range that balances UK-manufacturing prowess alongside an affordable price. No matter what size budget you have, or the size of tanker you need, our vast range has you covered.

CPS Diesel Fuel Tanks for Sale

UK-manufactured Diesel generator parts are renowned for their best-in-class quality and close attention to detail. CPS Single Skinned Tanks are made to order within 2 weeks allowing for tight quality control. They are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to implement innovative sorting schemes or simply keep your branding consistent. Overall, CPS Single Skin Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks are perfect for a vast array of applications, including:

  • Generators and auxiliary equipment
  • Standby Fuel Requirements
  • Long & Short Term Fuel Requirements

So don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Western Global Transcube Bunded Fuel Tanks For Sale

The Transcube line is renowned for its impressive portability and ideal size for small-scale fuel storage solutions. Western Global’s Bunded Fuel tanks are incredibly versatile and meet both UK & EU specifications. Here are just a few of the use cases for your Transcube tank.

  • Ideal for meeting small-scale Diesel needs. TransCube offers refuelling versatility and ease in a simplified, economic unit. This range is tailored for the unique demands of short-term projects, making refuelling on-site quick and efficient.
  • The TransCube range make for perfect standby fuel tanks. Refuel the essential power solutions and machinery your business needs to continue with ease.
  • TransCube tanks make fuel transport effortless. These Diesel tanks can be rapidly deployed and relocated to even the most difficult sites to reach.
  • TransCube tanks can be flexible sources of Diesel. The fuel tanks can be connected to a generator and dispense fuel by pump at the same time. Using this as both an Auxillary fuel tank for increased uptime and a refuelling station for incredibly efficient site planning.

As you can clearly see, PowerMark has all of your Diesel fuel storage needs covered with our vast array of top-quality Diesel generator tanks for sale. Browse our range of genuine parts today that features top generator brands, including Western Global, Mecc Alte and countless more. Contact us for additional information from our team of experts.

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