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DSE Control Module Troubleshooting

DSE Control Module Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting your control module is one of the most manageable parts of Diesel generator maintenance. Moreover, the ease of use of this part makes it a perfect entry point for those new to working with Diesel generators. Learn all about Diesel generator control module troubleshooting with the genuine online supplier of authentic DSE control modules […]

How to Avoid Generator Overheating

How to Prevent Diesel Generator Overheating

Summertime is fast approaching, and blue skies are bearing down on us all at last. Working in hot temperatures can be a struggle for your employees, but the toll it can take on their equipment is not to be understated. One prime example of this is likely to be your Diesel generator. Diesel generators require […]

Diesel Generator Batteries Explained

Charging Forwards: Generator Battery Guide

Diesel Generators, much like the combustion engine in your vehicle, typically require a battery in order to function. This makes your Diesel generator’s battery one of the most integral pieces to the whole system. But what is a Diesel generator battery?  How does it work, and what is its role in your power solution? Read […]

Benefits of Petrol Generators

Benefits Of Petrol Generators

Diesel is the name of the game here at PowerMark. Efficient, powerful, reliable – there are many upsides to a Diesel generator. However, when you’re looking for small-scale power solutions,  PowerMark has you covered with a wide range of Petrol Generators for sale, brought to you by esteemed brands in the power generation industry. So, […]

CPS Parts Explained

Our Top CPS Parts

Constant Power Solutions are renowned worldwide for their top-quality, UK-manufactured Bespoke Diesel Generators. As their sister site, we are home to a variety of amazing CPS parts made using the same quality ISO9001-accredited manufacturing process as their generators. So, what parts do CPS offer? What are the benefits of choosing CPS parts? Why Choose PowerMark […]

Why we Stock Deutz

‘Deu’ing It Right: Why we Stock Deutz

DEUTZ AG is the renowned manufacturer of a variety of Diesel engine parts available here on our site. Since 1864, Deutz has served as a prime example of quality European engineering that forms the very foundation of the most efficient and reliable Diesel generators the industry has to offer. But why is Deutz so universally […]

Diesel Generator Canopies Explained

Canopleased: What makes a Good Diesel Generator Canopy

The canopy of your Diesel generator is vital to ensure it’s operating within regulation. Your Diesel generator’s canopy can, quite literally, be the difference between a legally-soundproof and unusable Diesel generator. So, what makes a good Diesel generator canopy, and why choose PowerMark for your Diesel generator canopy needs? Learn more about Diesel generator canopies […]

Tanks for Everything: Diesel Storage Tank Guide

Diesel fuel storage is an excellent way to prepare for the year ahead, as we discussed in the last article. Now that you know how to store it, the next question is simple. What do you store it in? Here at PowerMark, we stock some of the highest quality Diesel generator parts for sale in […]

Diesel Generator Trailer Guide

Happy Trails: Generator Trailer Guide

Mobility is one of the most powerful advantages you can have in all aspects of life. Speed, efficiency and freedom are often the deciding factors of the success of many endeavours. A Diesel generator is, of course, a stationary piece of kit. However, with a quality generator trailer, for sale right here at PowerMark, you […]