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Remote Start Generator – Innovation by Constant Power Solutions!

Our remote generator start solution

We had an request from one of our customers who needed a Diesel Generator to power their cricket club house for when the cricket season starts. The main requirement they needed was a function to start the generator and warm the club house before the staff arrive for their daily duties.


Our UK Sales Manager looked at a couple of options with the customer and sat down with him to give them two options. The first option was a DSE4510 with schedule start. The customer would be able to plan 8 schedule start and stop functions. The main issue is that you would have to change the schedules using a Laptop or computer for periods when the season is over or during the busy season. They don’t have trained engineers on site so this option was not feasible.


The second option was a DSE7310 with DSE830 Modem, This function allows the customer to text the generator when he requires to start the generator as well as texting the generator to stop. Also if you enter up to 3 mobile numbers on to your Deepsea control panel, the modem will send your updates on the generator, from fuel low, to generator requires a oil change or servicing. This will allow the owner of the generator to know when to service the unit or of their is a running fault with the engine.

To give you an idea of how simple this is to use please watch our video here-


Innovation is vital to our company!!