UPS SmartPack 6kVA with battery 6 Minutes Runtime

UPS SmartPack 6kVA with battery 6 Minutes Runtime


Manufactured in Europe by EnSmart, this high quality SmartPack Online UPS provides 6kva (5400w) of power, ideal for home/office, industrial, emergency service and business applications.

Manufactured in Europe By EnSmart

The high quality UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units are manufactured in Europe, by the renowned manufacturer EnSmart. All products are manufactured to comply with EU directives for performance and safety.

EnSmart have a global presence, they supply products direct from their production facility to Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The EnSmart SmartPack UPS Is Suitable for Various Applications

Home/Office Use:

With numerous electrical devices in every household becoming the norm, its important that consumers add additional protection systems to their homes. UPS products provide secure power protection to laptops, computers, mobile devises, routers, external storage devices, games consoles and network systems.

Data Centres:

Data centres rely heavily on UPS Systems. Which is why the high quality manufactured Ensmart UPS Systems are perfect for critical applications.

Industrial Applications:

More and more business have sensitive equipment such as computers, cloud storage systems and mobile devices that they need to protect. Our Ensmart UPS systems are perfect for critical applications to keep your business operational.

Emergancy Services:

These EnSmart UPS systems are perfect for emergency services, the UPS products ensure there is no downtime for critical equipment.

True Double Conversion Online Technology

Sine wave output and clean energy for computers and all sensitive equipments.
Online UPS protects your equipments from all mains problems.
Online UPS can operate with a wide voltage range so that battery power does not need to be used.

High Output Power Factor

Provides 25% more power at the output in comparison to standard 0.7 power factor UPS systems and supports more sensitive equipments.

Authorised Distributor of EnSmart UPS Systems

PowerMark are an authorised distributor for EnSmart UPS units. EnSmart with a head office in Essex UK, also have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Europe.

Our SmartPack UPS systems are perfect for various applications for Home/Office use, Data Centres, Emergency Services and Industrial applications.

Being an authorised distributor of EnSmart products not only do we give our clients a competitive price, but our engineers are fully trained to ensure we deliver fantastic customer service and a professional installation (where needed).

Our range of UPS units are available in longer running times, If this is required, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today – 01757 428140

We offer our clients the best pricing structure, we offer trade /re sale packages and also offer installation of the EnSmart products. All of our sales team and engineers have been fully trained to offer expert advise and an expert pre/ after sales service.

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Model Code EN06000T11K002
Power Rating 6kva (5400), 0.9PF
Single Phase, 220/230/240 V, IN-Out 50/60hz

  • 6 Minute Running time at 100%
  • 10 Minute Running time at 75%
  • 19 Minute Running time at 50%

*Further running times available with battery extensions, contact our team for more information.


  • True Double-Conversion Online Technology
  • True Sine-wave Output provides clean energy
  • High Reliability with Microprocessor Control
  • 0,9 Output Power Factor
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (110~300V)


  • High Frequency and True Double-Conversion
  • Microprocessor Technology (CPU)
  • Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (110~300V)
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Cold Start
  • Auto Sensing Frequency
  • Selectable Output Voltage via LCD
  • 50Hz/60Hz Frequency Converter Mode
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Automatically Charging Battery at UPS Off Mode
  • Fan Speed Auto Control when Load Varies
  • Generator Compatible
  • USB & RS232 Communication Port
  • SNMP Communication Port (Optional)
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) (Optional)
  • Extension Battery Bank (Optional)
  • Manual Bypass

When can you expect your order?

All our UPS products are typically in stock, ready for immediate dispatch. You can expect to receive your order within 3-4 business days.

For bulk orders and international orders, lead-times may vary. Please get in touch with our sales experts if you have any bulk order inquiries.

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