Lister Petter
IRP Air Cooled Irrigation Pump 50-200

IRP Air Cooled Irrigation Pump 50-200

Engine outputs used for the design of the pump sets are continuous ISO 3046 ratings under NTP conditions. The pump sets are designed to ensure optimum performance, taking into account standard operating site conditions. The engine selection is made with at least 20% differential between the power absorbed by the pump and the engine output. This is to take into account site atmospheric conditions and poor fuel quality. In the event of high altitudes, please refer to LPL engineering to check engine compatibility. The engine outputs after the above de-rating must be checked against the absorbed power by the pump.

IRP Air Cooled Irrigation Pump 50-200 features

  • Lister Petter T series air cooled, direct injection, naturally aspirated (1, 2 and 3 cylinders)
  • Hand start
  • Starting handle
  • Continuous 24 hours operation
  • Supplied on a steel formed base plate
  • 66 litre fuel tank
  • Heavy duty, single stage, centrifugal, end suction pump with cast iron casing and impeller
  • Suction and delivery flanges conforming with DN2533/PN16 – ISO7005-2/PN16
  • Soft packed stuffing box used for shaft seal hardened chrome steel shaft sleeve to protect pump shaft
  • Supplied with operators manual
  • Pump ize 50-200
  • Impeller size (mm) 215
  • Suction flange (mm) 65
  • Discharge flange (mm) 50
  • Engine speed (RPM) 2,000
  • Engine power (kM) 7.3
  • Fuel consumption (litre/hour) 1.7

*Key to emissions compliance – EU Stage 3A only