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Purchasing Generators from PowerMark

As PowerMark is the sister company from Constant Power Solutions Ltd, we benefit from circa 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and building diesel generators from 5KVA upto 2500KVA. Due to this vast experience, we can also assist in any questions you may have with the generator(s) you are looking to purchase.

We can supply a vast array of generators for any application you require

Experience with manufacturing, ensuring you have confidence purchasing from a reputable brand

Very high customer satisfaction from customer who have purchased from PowerMark

We only supply generators from companies we have a great relationship with, who are willing to assist PowerMark at any opportunity.

ISO9001 accreditation


Warrior diesel generators, are a more fuel-efficient option to the portable petrol generators

Here at PowerMark, we are a proud stockist of the Warrior Diesel generators, whether that be your smaller 5KW portable, or 12.5KW standalone generator. Each generator comes with socket inputs suitable for various applications. The portable generators have wheels mounted to aid movement; the grab handle also aids the mobility.


EU5 Emissions Regulated Warrior Engine

The Warrior portable generators are all EU5 emissions regulated engines, giving you peace of mind that no matter what your local emissions laws are, the engine shall match or beat the requirements. Due to the EU5 emissions, the generator significantly reduces your carbon foot. With there being such a push now on reducing emissions globally, purchasing an EU5 engine will help future proof your business or house.


Warrior Diesel Generator Packaging

Due to the small overall footprint of the generator, and the black finish, the generator goes unmissed when being used in application, some models even come with remote start, enabling you to keep the generator out of site.


Warrior Generator Reliability

As with all brand new generators from PowerMark, they have been put through our own checks, as well as the original manufacturer, this gives you the customer the peace of mind that there is little no possibility of any issues.


Warrior Generator Safety

As with all modern-day products, there are warnings, and procedures in place to ensure you the customer are safe when operating. As with all generators we supply, there is a comprehensive instruction manual, quick start guide, and warning labels to ensure you are kept on the right path throughout.


Warrior Diesel Generator Servicing Procedures

Here at PowerMark we can also supply all your genuine service parts requirements. The generator we recommend is serviced every 200hours, or once a year, whichever comes soonest. As the typical application for the generators are for only brief periods throughout the year, we recommend you complete thorough visual checks before starting when they have been stopped for a while, this includes, all filters, fuel tank, control module and sockets, to ensure nothing has been accidently damaged during storage.