For any business, whether you work from home, in an office or work in the industrial sector downtime can have a negative effect on trading. In many cases downtime can effect turnover, cause manufacturing issues and could cause significant loses to your business.
Which is why its important to minimise downtime through a UPS power system, ensure you have a recovery plan in place and ensure electrical equipment is operational.

Our range of Uninterruptible Power Supplys are equipped to reduce downtime and are the perfect recovery plan for any business.

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What is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

A UPS reduces down time for your business, providing emergency power to your electrical devices. They come in a range of sizes, phases and run times, depending on your application or equipment.

To put it simply, when the power fails, the connected equipment will be powered by the UPS Systems batteries, ensuring loss of downtime.

UPS power units are the perfect choice to protect your business from voltage drops, brownouts,  power outages and unstable grids.

UPS System and Back-Generator

UPS Power Units is a great partner for a back up generator. Whilst UPS systems are ideal for protecting your business against short term power loss, a back up Diesel Generator can provide longer sustained power.

When equipped together, the Uninterruptible Power Supply can provide power short term, whilst the Diesel generator is programmed to start and take over the load once it reaches its required running time.

For example our Ensmart 6kva UPS, with a battery running time of 6 minutes can supply uninterrupted power to your business instantly, if the power outage lasts longer that 6 minutes, a back generator can then run and provide power to your business and re-charge the UPS System.

Our team of experts can provide you with a co-solution consisting of a UPS System and back up Generator.

An example of how a UPS can provide instant recovery for your business

We once provided several UPS systems to a major retailer of pet food. The UPS provided protection to the till’s, and desk top computers when the power went off for 20 minutes, meaning there system and files where protected against the power-cut. Furthermore ensuring they had operational tills meant they could still operate.

Our additional Uninterrupted Power Supply Services

Guidance: The PowerMark Business support team can guide you to the right protection team for your home, office and business.

Installation: Our team of UPS engineers can install the UPS in your home or business. They are fully operational 365 days a year, 24/7, because they know its important that power downtime can have a huge adverse effect on business.

Servicing: Our UPS Engineers can provide major and minor service schedules on your current or new UPS System. Providing service contracts 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.