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Here at PowerMark we carry a range of various oil’s and coolants in stock for various engine manufacturers such as Perkins, Scania, Deutz, CAT and Cummins.

We also have our very own blend ‘CPS’, which is designed to be a well priced alternative when compared to premium brands. The CPS lubricants are suitable for the Commercial, Agricultural, Automotive and Industrial Sectors.

We offer rapid response delivery of orders tailored to suit your requirement, our expert logistics team can deliver our lubricants nationwide and worldwide.

About our ‘CPS’ range of lubricants

The CPS range of lubricants specially blended for us and branded in our own packaging. This range of lubricants is specially designed to be an affordable alternative to the most common brands out there.

The CPS blended oils focus on quality, for example our SHPD E7 15w/40 is a heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated to meet the most severe lubrication requirements demanded by Mercedes Benz, Cummins and Scania. It has been formulated to meet the demands of Euro 4. SHPD E7 15w/40 is a blend of solvent refined base oils, viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants and an innovative additive system.
The key benefits are – Tt offers improved wear protection and soot dispersions, produced to the very latest industry standard ACEA E7 & API CI-4 and Ideal choice for newer mixed fleet long haul vehicles needing a Euro 4 or Euro3 grade.

Meeting increased output demands

As technology enchases, we’re putting more pressure on our engines more than ever before. Which is why it’s important to use an oil that can meet increased output demands and to put it simply, takes better care of your engine.

Our lubrication has been thoroughly tested to industry standards and our own expert engineers have also given it the seal of approval.

Why is oil quality important?

Many engine oils in the market do meet the basic standards (API or ACEA), they may not deliver the performance you expect from your engine. Quality of oil can affect various things such as-

• Adverse effect on the overall engine performance
• Effect the start-up of the engine
• Increase in oil change and filter changes
• Have an increase in fuel consumption and
• Potentially void any engine warranty the engine may have
• Cylinder & piston wear
• Formation of deposits and sludge