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Shop Lighting Towers at PowerMark. We have an extensive range of mobile lighting towers, solar power tower lights, portable lighting towers and mobile lighting tower accessories.

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Lighting Towers

Mobile Lighting towers are perfect for various applications such as construction sites, highways, leisure and anywhere where emergency illumination is required. ¬†They are also used to provide light for when the mains power isn’t available.

Portable lighting towers for construction sites

Our range of lighting towers are perfect for construction sites, because constructions sites may not always have mains power available, so there for a portable lighting tower can provide a sustainable source of light for workers.

Mobile Lighting towers for leisure

Our lighting towers have been used to provide emergency illumination for caravan and motorhome parts, they are also a ideal solution for providing light when a site may not be connected to the power grid.

Our range of mobile towers have also been used to provide lighting for a rugby team, who needed to train in a field in the evening, which subsequently had no light source. The battery powered solar light tower ensured there was no noise too.

Tower Lights for Highways

PowerMark’s range of tower lights that we sell are perfect for providing emergency lighting for highways, ensuring road works can continue in the evening too.