Hybrid Generators

Shop Hybrid Generators at PowerMark. Hybrid generators are a combination of a Diesel generator, solar power and batteries. They are perfect for applications where there are noise pollution restrictions, such as construction sites, residential areas, highways and light manufacturing facilities near built up areas.

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No Noise Pollution is a benefit of a Hybrid Generator

Some construction sites or road works near residential areas require noise pollution to be controlled between a set amount of time. You can programme the Hybrid generators to run not the Diesel generator and have the battery power system take over to ensure you comply with the noise pollution restrictions.

Hybrid Generators use less fuel

Compared to a typical generator which runs on one fuel source, Diesel, The batteries in the Hybrid generator are a power source, meaning the Diesel engine doesn’t need to run, saving fuel costs. Whilst reducing fuel costs, its also better for the environment and it also reduces your businesses carbon footprint.

Hybrid Generators for rental applications

Rental companies not only have to ensure they comply with the EU emissions regulations, they also have to comply with noise pollution regulations. Hybrid Generators are perfect for rental applications, because they tick the boxes when it comes to different boroughs legislations.

Off Grid Hybrid Generators

Hybrid generators are a perfect solution for people who chose to live or who are off grid. If you opt for a typical Diesel Generator to power your home, you’d have to also listen to the humming for the engine throughout the night. However, a Hybrid generator can switch onto the batteries from the Diesel generator in the evening, leaving your evenings in peace.