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The Briggs & Stratton G80 & G140 gas powered generators are the perfect product for standby power at your home.

PowerMark is a reseller of Briggs & Stratton Products

The Briggs & Stratton range are manufactured in Milwaukee, USA for over 100years. Briggs & Stratton are the largest manufacturer of air-cooled petrol engines. Here at PowerMark we deal with the UK sole distributor, ensuring you the customer get the best available price and stock levels. Don’t forget to check out our ‘Top 3 Facts’ about Briggs & Stratton here.

A standby generator can save you thousands

Having a backup generator is a vital cost saving measure, even a short outage can cost thousands to your business, or a lot of hassle at your home, you may also be causing unforeseen damages to your home or office. The generator can also be used as a theft prevention investment, having the generator power your homes security systems during an outage, shall ensure full coverage no matter if the mains is down.

How does the automatic transfer switch work with the Briggs & Stratton LPG Generator?

The Briggs & Stratton products are supplied with an optional automatic transfer switch, and once connected to your house or office mains, shall automatically start the generator during a blackout. As the Briggs & Stratton generators run off lpg, the engines can be connected to the mains gas into your house, ensuring no down time when you need it most. Once the mains power is restored, the automatic transfer switch shall alert the generator, and turn off the generators power to your home or office.

Stress free and simple to own generator

The ownership of the Briggs & Stratton G80 and G140 generators is stress free and simple. The generator automatically runs up once a week, to ensure no issues in a blackout, along with a yearly service, the generators will ensure it is ready in an outage. Along with the 3 years manufacturer warranty, there is little to go wrong with this product.
The G80 & G140 Briggs & Stratton gas generators are supplied with a galvanised steel housing, which is not just weatherproof, but also reduces noise to a minimum, making this product ideal for residential or low noise areas.

Not sure on which model generator to go for?

The Briggs & Stratton gas/lpg generator has two models for the UK, either the G80 or the G140. The G80 is an 8KW LPG or 6.5KW natural gas, ideal for a small to medium sized home or office. The G140 model is 14KW LPG or 12.6KW using natural gas, and is ideal for medium sized homes. If you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at PowerMark, either calling the office on (+44) 1757 428140, or sending an email