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Don’t get left in the Dark – Prepare yourself for the inevitable UK Flooding and storms.

How to be prepared for UK flooding

It’s becoming clear that around the UK there are more danger zones for flooding than ever before. Last year we had Storm Frank and Storm Eva, effecting most in the UK in places like Cumbria, South West and Yorkshire.

We hope to never see flooding like this again, unfortunately looking at current forecasts suggest it may only get worse. Constant Power solutions provide a range of Residential Diesel Generators and Industrial Diesel Generators for homes and businesses.

In most situations floods will almost certainly leave homes and businesses without power for several days. This can add stress to an already hectic home life, or put small businesses in trouble due to not being able to open and service their clients.

We provide Residential Diesel Generators, for homes to keep you safe and warm during these atrocities. Our Diesel Generators are built to a UK Standard in our UK Factory (North Yorkshire). Even though most people would just be happy with uninterruptible power supply due to warmth and light, we also make sure our Residential Generators are quiet enough so to not add an additional unwanted stress.

As well as residential we also provide industrial Diesel generators as well. For businesses that require constant or standby power. Working with UPS companies we can provide power to our offices or your warehouse or factory, keeping your small, medium or large businesses open for you and your staff and your clients.

A Diesel generator still requires your electrical system in your home to be safe to use, so if your home or business has a shallow flood, it may not be safe to power your home and business. Always use common sense in situations like this.

We provide residential generators for homes and offices from 8kva to 40kva. As well as Industrial generators from 9kva up to 2250kva, with our quick lead time and installation, servicing, maintenance support from our UK Wide dealer network, you are safe in the knowledge that we can act quickly to keep your homes, offices and businesses from being in the dark.


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Prepare yourself now. Speak to our dedicated team and we will be happy to offer a site survey to anywhere within the UK.



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