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Why Choose Our Diesel Generators | PowerMark

PowerMark Diesel Generators: Why Choose Us

PowerMark is now home to a wide range of Diesel generators, prebuilt in a wide range of specifications with top-quality genuine parts. PowerMark is known as the renowned home for Diesel generator parts worldwide, but why purchase our top-quality Diesel generators? Learn about the top reasons to purchase your next Diesel generator with PowerMark in this article.

1.      Pre-built means guaranteed compatibility

As we’ve discussed in countless guides on this site, ensuring compatibility between parts can be an absolute nightmare. Some parts simply aren’t the right spec, some might not connect properly, there are countless reasons why building a Diesel generator yourself can be a headache. You may even find with older generators that newer parts simply don’t play nice with the rest of your set. Our pre-built selection of Diesel Generators is designed to be fully functional. No hassle, no complications. Just top quality, efficient power.

2.      Deutz quality guaranteed

All of our Diesel generators for sale are supplied by Deutz. Deutz is renowned in the Diesel generator industry for its best-in-class quality and efficiency. Deutz has over 150 years of experience in creating powerful Diesel engines for a variety of use cases that are beloved in countless fields. Their company has been home to Ettore Bugatti and Robert Bosch, founders of their own highly successful companies, and their present team continues the distinguished legacy. When you’re looking for a Diesel generator you can depend upon, Deutz is your best bet.

3.      Wide Range of Options to Suit your Needs

PowerMark is home to a variety of Diesel generators to suit your needs with no assembly required. Picking the right Diesel generator for your needs can be a tough task. That’s why we offer generators in sizes from 13-40 kVA, all of which are silenced and three-phased. Silent generators are a requirement in a vast majority of use cases and provide an improved quality of use with little to no impact on performance. Three-phased generators also provide a higher density at lower amperages for a lower cost, helping you obtain a power solution that doesn’t break the bank.

4.      The PowerMark Factor

PowerMark ensures every part and generator you receive is genuine and top-quality. We sell only authentic parts from leading manufacturers such as Deutz, ensuring you always receive the best performing product. Our expert team is always available to offer advice when picking the right Diesel generator for your needs. The PowerMark Aftersales Service is also renowned in the industry for its leading commitment to providing our customers with the best deal around. When you buy a Diesel Generator from PowerMark,  great service throughout the process is free of charge.


With all these factors in mind, PowerMark hopes this guide has shown you the incredible benefits of purchasing a Diesel generator from us today. If you’re interested in a bespoke Diesel generator, why not check out our sister site CPS? Otherwise, check out our range of Diesel generators or contact us today.

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