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Piston Prowess: Diesel Engine Pistons Explained

Your Diesel generator is no doubt the machine pushing your business forward. Whether it’s keeping the emergency power alive in a mains power failure or supplying the essential electricity for your outdoor operations, your Diesel generator is integral to the continued function of your business. In the same way that your Diesel generator pushes your business ever forward, the Diesel generator itself is pushed on by one key part. This part is one of the most recognisable on the Diesel engine. That’s right, the Diesel engine pistons. But what is a piston? What is its purpose in your Diesel generator, and why should you only trust genuine Diesel engine pistons from PowerMark. Today, our team of Diesel generator experts break down these questions in this article.

What is A Diesel Generator Piston?

The Pistons within a Diesel Engine are designed to convert the pressure created by the internal combustion of a Diesel  Engine into a downward force that acts upon the connecting rod and, by extension, the crankshaft. Therefore, in many ways, the Piston and the pin within could be seen as one of the key “sources” of energy in your Diesel generator. Imagine your Diesel Generator as a boat, the pistons would be the people rowing it.

Diesel Generator Pistons are typically made out of some sort of steel for durability and guaranteed longevity. They are typically surrounded by upper and lower piston rings in order to create a gas seal in the cylinder they are contained within for better transfer of pressure to energy. The main part of the piston that comes into contact with the gas is the piston head.

The Diesel generator Piston has numerous secondary functions beyond the above. Their steel construction aids in heat dissipation within the engine, for example. They also ensure that gas is constantly changed within the engine and that a variable volume of gas is in place. The seal created y the piston rings also helps stop leaks of oil and gas.

Why Choose PowerMark’s Pistons for Sale?

PowerMark is home to a vast array of Diesel generator Pistons and piston-related parts such as piston rings. All of our Diesel engine pistons and related parts are genuine, manufactured by trusted suppliers renowned for their work in the Diesel generator industry. This includes Perkins Piston Rings, Deutz Pistons and Lister Petter Pistons. These companies likely supplied the engine for your Diesel generator. Combine this fact with the 50+ pages of Pistons and related parts available, and there’s a strong chance our expert team can help you find what you need.

If you’re interested in Pistons from PowerMark, contact our expert team on our 24/7 helpline or via email today. Otherwise, browse our range of pistons and related parts here or consider checking out the rest of our blogs if you’re looking for more detail on another part. We hope this guide has helped you understand your Diesel generator that much better.

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