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CPS Parts Explained

Our Top CPS Parts

Constant Power Solutions are renowned worldwide for their top-quality, UK-manufactured Bespoke Diesel Generators. As their sister site, we are home to a variety of amazing CPS parts made using the same quality ISO9001-accredited manufacturing process as their generators. So, what parts do CPS offer? What are the benefits of choosing CPS parts? Why Choose PowerMark for your top-quality CPS Diesel generator parts? We’ll answer all these questions below in this article.

CPS tanks

One of the most popular categories from our amazing CPS range is our selection of Diesel generator Fuel tanks. Whilst we’ve talked at length about the esteemed Transcube line of Tanks from Western Global that we offer, these can be impractical in some situations due to their design. Our CPS tanks employ a tried and tested design in a vast array of specifications. Our CPS single-skinned tank sizes range from 500-3000 litres. Check out our Diesel storage guide to see which would work best for you!

CPS Oils & Coolants

PowerMark offers a premium-quality, low-price CPS blend designed for use in the Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Agricultural Sectors.

Our heavy-duty diesel engine oil is specially formulated to meet even the most severe lubrication requirements and is just one example of the amazing range of lubricants we have to offer.

We offer fast, worldwide delivery on all of our range of CPS lubricants at highly competitive prices. All of our lubricants also meet ACEA E7 & API CI-4 standards. Head to the oil and lubricants page to learn more!

CPS Switch Gear Solutions

We have a range of CPS Automatic Transfer Switches designed to work with leading generator brands available in a variety of amperages. These range from 60-2500 amps. They are made with high-quality materials that are both safe and efficient. We can also offer a complete Switch Gear solution designed with your specific needs in mind. Interested? Contact us today.

CPS Sockets

As we discussed in our Socket guide, the sockets you use in conjunction with your Diesel generator must be constructed to the right specification and to excellent quality to guarantee the safety of your equipment and staff. Luckily for you, CPS brings to PowerMark a wide range of specifications in their top quality sockets. Correctly colour coded to meet ISO standards, these are 3Pin & 5Pin sockets you can trust and depend upon. Browse our range of sockets today.


We hope this guide has shown you the amazing quality and choice of UK-manufactured CPS Diesel generator parts. PowerMark is the proud home of CPS sockets, lubricants and more – deliverable worldwide. Looking for different parts? We offer genuine Diesel generator parts from leading brands such as Perkins, Deutz and more. Still not sure what your looking for, or have further questions? Contact our 24/7 helpline of Diesel generator experts today!

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