Monbat Renewable Energy Batteries

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Monbat Renewable Energy Batteries

Batteries for back-up power storage in renewable power sources. We can tailor the solution as per your requirement, please contact our knowledgeable sales team today with any inquires you may have.

  • Solar and Wind power stations
  • Small and medium size industrial solar systems
  • Street solar lighting
  • Hybrid Generator System

Capacity Range:

  • From 70 to 620 Ah
  • Voltage Range: 12, 6, 4 and 2 Monbolocks and elements
  • Terminals: 12V Front terminals / 6, 4 and 2V top terminals
  • Design life: 12+ years (Long Life acc. EUROBAT)
  • Rack compatibility: Dimensions suitable for 19'', 23'' and ETSI racking.
  • Optional racks for 2V, 4V and 6V range.
  • Flame Retardancy: All models are F-V0 flame retardant
  • IEC Compliancy: IEC 60 896 – 21/22 and all other related to VRLA batteries
  • Non-hazardous cargo: For all modes of transportation


Item Specifics
Model L069
Key Features
Feature 1 Voltage 12 V, Amp 68 AH
Dimmensions Length 266 mm, Width 175 mm, Height 220 mm
Weight Weight 19.50 kg

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