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Alternator Parts Explained

Mecc Alte: Alternator Parts Explained

Alternators are the beating heart of your power solution. Their purpose is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and provide the necessary power your business needs to prosper. Alternators are highly complex pieces of machinery. They contain countless parts of varying importance, all of which can break and degrade over time. Alternators can have lengthy and efficient lifespans when correctly maintained.

Today, the expert PowerMark team will walk you through just a small selection of our genuine alternator parts for sale, which we’re calling the Three As, provided by leading alternator manufacturers such as Mecc Alte.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

As one would expect, the Automatic Voltage Regulator automatically regulates the voltage of your Alternator. As we’ve discussed in a previous article, this is a crucial part that ensures your Diesel generator remains a safe power source for both employees and equipment alike.

The AVR provides the power distributed to the battery and external devices from the Diesel generator at a consistent and safe level. Without it, your equipment could short out and prove a severe risk to your workers. Make sure your AVR is regularly maintained and replaced when needed.

Anti-Condensation Heaters

As we discussed in our Summer Generator Maintenance Guide, most of the time, you want your Diesel generator to remain at a cool, workable temperature. That’s why many who are less experienced with Diesel generators are often confused to find out their Diesel generator’s Alternator contains what is essentially a space heater.

Its purpose isn’t just to regulate temperatures, though it does play a part in that. Instead, the anti-condensation heater ensures water vapour (aka condensation) is eliminated from within the Alternator to ensure it runs smoothly.

Air Inlet Filter

Air Inlet Filters are a vital part of your Alternator, hence why we referenced them in the title. Its purpose is quite simple but highly important for ensuring the longevity of your Alternator. It restricts incoming airflow, filtering out debris and moisture to ensure clean air flows through your Alternator.

This clean, restricted air passes through and optimally cools your Alternator as it provides the necessary power your business needs. Most Diesel generators usually have one filter, but some manufacturers such as STAMFORD employ separate dry dust and moisture filters.


We hope this guide has given you a deeper insight into the inner machinations of your Diesel generator’s Alternator. This article is by no means an exhaustive list of every part within this vital system, nor every part that we stock. PowerMark is home to various parts for your Alternator and every other aspect of your Diesel power solution, provided by leading Diesel generator brands. From Mecc Alte to Perkins and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Contact our expert PowerMark team on our 24/7 helpline for help deciding the Alternator part you need to get your Diesel generator working in prime condition today.

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