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Manufacturer Of The Month – Mecc Alte!

Here at PowerMark, we understand that success doesn’t happen without help from the right people. We’re confident that we have the best products on the market because of our manufacturers who maintain high, industry-level standards 365 days a year.

They are one of the reasons that we can provide our customers with reliable, market-leading products. So, we think it’s time to celebrate them and everything they do for us. Today, we’re focusing on Mecc Alte.

Who Is Mecc Alte?

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The company is a global alternator supplier with over 1,200 employees, producing over 1,400 alternators a day around the world. Founded in 1947 by Mario Carraro in Italy, Mecc Alte originally started life as an electric motor repair workshop. In time, Mario helped to grow the small workshop into one of the industry’s most reputable suppliers.

As a result, they don’t only manufacture their products in Italy – they now have plants in the UK, China and India.

How Did They Do It?

In the beginning, Mecc Alte concentrated on quality, producing fast and reliable alternators for their customers. This foundation of their success still exists today as they dispatch their solutions to customers all over the globe.

As Mecc Alte grew and expanded, the owners decided to compartmentalise manufacturing and sales to different areas of the company. The factories in Italy, Britain, China and India focused on the production side of things, whereas subsidiaries in the US, Germany and France concentrated on sales and distribution.

This allows them to specialise in core areas while maintaining control of the business.

Mecc Alte Today

As a result, their employees are professional, skilled, experienced and committed. This, as well as extensive training, has given them expertise and experience in R&D, low-cost manufacturing and development capabilities. And, because they only make one kind of product, they can funnel their extensive resources into creating the best possible solutions.

So, you’ll find a range of Mecc Alte products on our website, whether it’s alternators from 1-3,000kVA that are portable or stationary, or it’s parts. If you need a piece of equipment for heavy machinery use, then there’s no doubt their experience and passion makes them an incredible option.

What Makes Mecc Alte Stand Out From The Crowd?

There’s a host of reasons, but we feel that their autonomy makes them a world-class supplier. Relying only on themselves and the culture they have created, Mecc Alte is independent. Not only does that mean they control every aspect of their company so that our customers benefit from their knowledge, but it means they don’t compete.

No, not with their rivals, but with their customers in the end market.

Why Should You Buy Their Products From Us?

To us, the answer is obvious. Mecc Alte is a supplier with a track record of delivering quality solutions over the past 70+ years. Besides this, their generators and parts are affordable as well as reliable.

If you want to learn more about Mecc Alte, you should check out their products here.

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