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Introduction to Stamford Parts

Introduction To Stamford Alternators: Excellent By Necessity

Your Diesel generators alternator is integral to providing the power your business needs to grow and carry on strong. That’s why you’ll find countless alternator parts available from genuine suppliers. Stamford is renowned for top-quality alternators and alternator parts, sure to keep your generator ticking over at total efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of Stamford Alternators and the range of Stamford parts we have available here at PowerMark below.

Who is Stamford?

Stamford was founded in 1904 by the Cutting Brothers in the town of Stamford – right here in the UK. They also founded AvK in 1919, a brand that continues to run alongside Stamford. In the 1950s, leading generator brand, Newage bought out Stamford. Cummins then bought this collection of companies.

For a more in-depth view of Stamford’s early and modern history, check out our two blogs on the topic. What’s important to note about Stamford is clear to see. With well over a hundred years in the Diesel generator industry, combining some of the most significant generator companies of all time – Stamford know what they’re doing.

Benefits of Stamford Alternators

Stamford’s extensive experience in the Diesel generator industry has led to a wide array of proven designs in their line-up. Stamford Alternators typically feature an iconic red look on their outer casing, ensuring your top-quality Stamford Alternator shines on both the inside and outside. The Stamford range covers a wide array of applications and kvas. You can find Stamford alternators designed to output power from as little as 7.5 up to an impressive 5,000 kva. In addition, many of the alternator parts we offer are compatible with multiple Stamford alternators at an affordable price. Even better, you’ll find that most Stamford alternators for sale are even interchangeable with NEWAGE, AvK and Cummins alternator parts!

When you purchase Stamford alternator parts for your Diesel generator, you’re getting quality at an incredibly affordable price. That’s the PowerMark way!

What Stamford Alternator Parts do we have for sale?

PowerMark is home to over 140 Stamford Alternator parts. These include:

  • Primers
  • Terminal Boxes
  • Air Inlet Filters
  • Transformers
  • Bearings
  • Thermistors
  • Anti-condensation Heaters
  • AVR

And much more. All of these parts come in multiple price ranges to suit a variety of alternators. Contact our expert team to ensure the part you’re buying is suited and compatible with your Diesel generator’s alternator.

We hope this in-depth guide has shown you the tremendous potential and benefits of our range of Stamford Alternator parts. Learn more about Stamford in our history series here. Trust PowerMark for genuine parts of all kinds from trusted brands, including Perkins and more. Read more of our informative blogs to learn more about the parts we offer. Then, contact our expert team today for top-quality advice on your Diesel generator’s needs.

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