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Petrol Generator Guide | PowerMark

Introducing Our Petrol Generators

Here at PowerMark, we only stock genuine parts from brands you trust, as you already know. Alongside this, however, we stock a range of quality Petrol generators, perfect for small-scale deployment and mobility. Our Honda Petrol generators may just be the auxiliary power solution you are looking for, Read on to learn about what our Petrol generators are, the benefits of a Petrol generator and why you should buy a Petrol generator from us?

What is a Petrol Generator?

A Petrol generator is remarkably similar to a Diesel generator, with a few key differences. A Petrol generator uses Petroleum as a fuel source, as opposed to Diesel. A Petrol generator is typically built into a frame rather than a canopy or container and is designed to be a portable power solution. The frame also helps ground the gasoline generator. The vast majority of Petrol generators are lightweight and smaller in both output and size in comparison to your typical Diesel generator. Many come equipped with wheels and handles for improved portability. Petrol generators use the same IEC 60309 Type socket as Diesel generators, meaning they can be easily connected to your current power solution.

Petrol Generator Use Cases

A Petrol generator is ideal for quick, emergency power needs, and places that need portability for a power solution to be viable. You will see Petrol generators as a mainstay of many festivals and touring events. However, larger events that require portability may choose a Diesel generator on a trailer instead. Read more about that here.

Why choose a Petrol Generator From Us

Here at PowerMark, we stock quality Honda Petrol generators with a variety of power outputs to suit your needs, from 3kvA to 5Kw. We offer both wheeled gasoline generators and none-wheeled variants, all equipped with anti-vibration mounts to ensure optimal performance. All of our Honda Petrol generators come equipped with IEC 60309.  These gasoline generators are available at a variety of prices across the UK and worldwide. Our Honda gasoline generators are made of robust steel frames and powerful Japanese GX160 4-stroke engine and GX390 Petrol engines. These top-notch single-phase Petrol generators are of the high quality you’d expect from the rest of our premiere line-up.


As you can see, PowerMark is your number one supplier of not only genuine Diesel generator parts, such as Mecc Alte alternators, western global tanks and more – but also home to a collection of impressive Honda Petrol engines. For all your Diesel generator needs, and a new portable Petrol generator, browse our shop today! Order now for delivery and after sales service in the UK and beyond.

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