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How to Avoid Generator Overheating | PowerMark

How to Prevent Diesel Generator Overheating

Summertime is fast approaching, and blue skies are bearing down on us all at last. Working in hot temperatures can be a struggle for your employees, but the toll it can take on their equipment is not to be understated. One prime example of this is likely to be your Diesel generator. Diesel generators require a precise operating temperature, easily achieved in fair conditions. However, if it drops too cold your generator might not start. Even worse, if your generator overheats, it might not start again.

We’ve discussed before how Diesel generator glowplugs and water jacket heaters do to keep your generator warm on cold nights, so what can you do for your Diesel generator on warm summer days to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid overheating? Learn some top tips today with the PowerMark team, alongside the genuine Diesel generator parts from trusted brands we can offer to help alleviate overheating stress.

1.      Optimal Generator Placement

It sounds obvious, but ensuring your Diesel generator is in an optimal environment for day-to-day operation can be tricky. Most Diesel generators aren’t portable, but if you have a containerised solution or similarly mobile power solution, moving your Diesel generator into the shade or deep in the basement can be a quick and easy way to keep your Diesel generator cool. If you cannot move the Diesel generator, try the following:

  • Create shade
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Install A/C where possible

2.      Coolant Levels

The coolant in your Diesel generator is vital for keeping temperatures in the operational range. Coolant leaks are one of the leading causes of Diesel generator overheating in fair weather. If your coolant is bubbling or levels are abnormally low, check for leaks. Beyond that, if temperatures are high, you may wish to invest in a quality coolant and ensure your coolant is frequently maintained.

PowerMark is home to a range of high-quality oils and lubricants, including coolant, brought o you by Constant Power Solutions. These premium coolants come in at a lower price than leading brands with no sacrifice to UK-manufactured quality.

3.      Proper Diesel Generator servicing

Diesel generators are incredibly complex and powerful machines that don’t play too nicely with extreme temperatures. When your Diesel generator overheats, countless integral parts could become inefficient or downright inoperable.

A broken thermostat, Diesel injector or radiator hose could cause rapid overheating, alongside a myriad of other potential complications that may arise from different parts affected by said overheating. PowerMark is home to genuine Diesel generator parts from trusted and ubiquitous brands, including Perkins, Mecc Alte, Stamford, and more. Not only do we sell these quality parts, but we also offer competitive servicing contracts to help you install them. Efficient parts can withstand stable temperatures and ensure your generator can run all summer long.


PowerMark hopes this guide has shown you how to mitigate the effects of overheating on your Diesel generator. Please browse our vast range of quality, genuine Diesel generator parts for sale for your generator or check out more of our blogs to learn top generator maintenance tips.

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