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how to prepare your generator for winter

How to prepare your generator for winter

Ensuring your generator is ready for the harsh winter months is arguably more vital than during spring and summer months. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be sat in a candle lit room with blankets to keep warm. Ensuring your generator is ready and primed for winter will ensure this doesn’t happen and by following our easy step-by-step guide you can avoid any potential issues you may encounter through maintaining your generator properly.

  1. First of all, check over your generator thoroughly. Is there sufficient air flow to the generator? Make sure the air ways are clear of any debris. Give a good clean on both the outside and inside of the generator. Make sure the cables connecting the generator to your home are clean, and not showing any signs of age or damage.
  2. Now, your generator is cleared, check over the oil and coolant levels of the generator, make sure that they at the suitable levels as per the manufactures guide. If not, the engine fluids checking process is the same as your car. Check the dipstick, make sure the oil sits on the lines, if it’s in the middle, then perfect, if its nearer to the top, it may be due to an overfill at its last service, or that the oil has drained into the sump. 

If the oil is low, then it may be wise to top this is up slightly. Don’t forget to check how much fuel is left in the tank also, make sure the quality of the fuel is good. Check to see if there are any signs of water in the tank, and if you require fuel polishing. 

3. Once you have checked over the oil and coolant levels, inspect the filters, this includes the oil, fuel and air. Make sure that they are clear. If the filters are in need of replacement, or you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to contact PowerMark, we can supply genuine replacements for you at a cost-effective price. If you are able to check the battery level on the generator, it should be around 12V, or 24V depending on the size of your generator.

4. Now the generator is checked over, it is a wise decision to start the generator, to get all fluids moving, and the engine block warm. Now the questions you need to be asking yourself is: are the temperatures are dropping, is the engine struggling to start? Have you got a water jacket heater fitted to the generator? If not, we would strongly advise fitting one, yet again we can supply these for your engine. A water jacket heater, ensure the engine body is top condition before starting during cold start-ups, this will also aid the start up in cold or freezing conditions.

If you are not confident in completing the above checks, here at PowerMark we have qualified service engineers around the UK who can assist with prepping your generator for winter, whether that be a service call out, or just to simply check over your generator to ensure it is ready for the dreaded cold winter months.