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How can a CKD/SKD Generator save you money? | PowerMark

How can a CKD/SKD Generator save you money?

In the current pandemic, money can be in short supply. If you’re looking to save wherever you can,  and you know your way around a Diesel Generator (or know someone who does) a Complete or Semi Knock Down Generator may just be the cost-saving move you need to get the Power Solution you need.

What is a CKD/SKD

A Complete Knock Down Generator (CKD) is a generator that has not been assembled whatsoever. This means the parts have been neither assembled nor connected prior to shipping. A Semi Knock Down Generator will have its parts (typically only the main ones) assembled – but not connected. A quick way to remember this is to imagine the generator was already assembled, if you were to take it all apart, – you’ve “knocked down” the generator. But if you only disconnected the parts but left the assembled piece together – you’ve only “knocked down” the generator slightly. However, it is important to remember that a CKD / SKD (like the ones we stock) is only legitimate if it has NEVER been assembled prior.

Later assembly of a generator may seem like a further complication of what can be the complicated task of choosing the right Diesel generator your company needs -but it can save your business money in a few key areas:


By buying a CKD/SKD, you can shave off some big costs during delivery. For example, a CKD/SKD is likely to result in savings on import tax. In the UK, CKD/SKD and assembled generators fall into two separate tax categories. If you’re planning on buying a generator for a later date – be it to use in case of emergency,  a future project or otherwise the smaller form factor of a CKD/SKD over generators is an important benefit. A smaller volume of space being taken up will reduce warehousing costs- and is likely to reduce the overall shipping cost of your generator.

Competitive Advantage

In the business world, you need every advantage you can get over your competitors. And one often overlooked advantage you may not have considered is the generator expertise your team will gain from building a CKD. With a guarantee of quality and compatible parts from us at PowerMark, your team can focus on building up valuable experience with Diesel generators that could lead to new and exciting opportunities – or provide the extra training your team needs to thrive in their industry.

Reduced Costs

With the right team, buying a CKD/SKD and assembling it yourself is likely to be cheaper than buying a fully assembled kit – allowing you to keep costs down and (if you’re a generator reseller) profits high. You can also avoid the hassle of buying on the basis of an individual part with a CKD/SKD, ensuring compatibility between all parts and maximum efficiency in your Diesel Generators.

Overall, a CKD/SKD may just be the perfect solution to cut costs across the board without compromising on getting the perfect Diesel Generator your business needs for its Power Solution. PowerMark can deliver CKD & SKD Diesel Generators across the UK and worldwide for a competitive price. Enjoy the numerous benefits of a CKD/SKD by checking out our range today.





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