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History of Stamford Part 2: Modern Era

As we discussed in a prior article, the history of Stamford that has led them to be an excellent supplier of Diesel generator parts, is rich and extensive. Here at PowerMark, we stock only the best quality genuine Diesel parts. To ensure you can trust the parts our team of experts offer for your genset, we’ll once more be diving into the long and intricate history of Stamford Electrical and their parts. Read on to learn more about the continuing modern history of Stamford.

Stamford Electrical in the 2000s

In the early 2000s, Stamford had become a core brand under what would soon be known as the Cummins Generator Technologies wing of Newage. A new factory in Mexico was opened as they were joined by AvK SEG, another prominent Diesel generator parts maker well-known for their alternators. You will often find both suppliers referred to as the singular “Stamford AvK” in modern times, though both of their product lines still remain separate.

In 2004 the famous Stamford P7 range was launched at the Hanover Fair, which Stamford had now participated in for over 50 years. Later on in the year, the first golden alternators of the HD50 line were produced. In October 2005, Stamford sold its 1millionth alternator, just before becoming a part of Cummins Generator Technologies during rebranding in 2006.

2007 marked a record year for Stamford, with 190,000 units made worldwide in a milestone year for production. A new factor in India was also opened at this time.

History of Stamford in the 2010s

The 2010s continued the excellent record Stamford had begun in the 21st century with the opening of a second Chinese factory. Only six years after their millionth alternator, Stamford celebrated their two-millionth alternator alongside the unveiling of the anti-counterfeit program which is just as dependable and innovative today. In 2012 the Cummins innovation centre was unveiled, serving as a shining example of Stamford’s legacy.

In 2013, Stamford and AvK launched their first Grid Code Compatible products, guaranteeing versatility across the Cummins range. 2015 marked the opening of P80 manufacturing facilities in both Romania and the UK. By 2018 these facilities were also joined by yet another Chinese factory, this time for the P80 range. 2019 marked the launch of the S9 Class H and the Stamford S7 range.


Stamford will continue to grow and reach new heights of innovation and quality as we continue forward into the tumultuous 2020s. For quality Stamford generator parts, alongside many other genuine Diesel generator parts from the top brands, including Perkins and countless more: shop with PowerMark today. Our team of experts will ensure one of our quality range of generator parts, Stamford or otherwise, work best for you.

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