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History of Stamford Generator Parts

Here at PowerMark, we only stock genuine Diesel generator parts from brands renowned for offering the highest quality and care that we know our customers expect. A prime example of this is Stamford. Stamford parts are a core brand under the Cummins Generator Technologies wing of Cummins Inc. The history of Stamford is entwined with the history of Cummins, and in this post, we’ll give you an accurate timeline of the range and their legacy of consistent excellence.

Early 20th Century History of Stamford

In 1904, The Cutting Brothers began their journey to Diesel-powered success in Stamford, UK. They began their business under “Cutting Electrical Motors”, which changed to “Stamford Electrical” in 1925. Earlier in 1919, the brothers began a trading enterprise in Frankfurt, Germany. This was known as AvK, a brand name that continues alongside Stamford to this day.

Business continued to grow for the Cutting Brothers, who prospered and innovated throughout the early 20th century. In 1938, AvK announced the first self-regulated alternator in history which quickly became a success.

In 1950, Stamford Electrical was bought by Newage Engineers. In turn, these were bought out by Cummins Electrical Company Inc. in 1986. In 2006, the name of the bought out Newage was changed to “Cummins Generator Technologies”. It has continued to operate under this name to this day. Stamford Electrical had an interesting history before this point, especially during the late 20th century.

Late 20th Century History of Stamford

As new ventures began across North America in 1950, Stamford continued to evolve. By 1966 Stamford broke new ground once more, introducing the “C Range” of brushless alternators. These were the first mass-produced alternators of their kind. This innovation continued into the 1970s, when Stamford developed the world’s first alternator to use a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) to excite an AVR.

Their continued commitment to innovation and ability to drive Diesel generator technology forward was recognised in 1980 when the Mayor of Stamford and Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire Henry Nevile presented them “The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement”. As aforementioned, Cummins then acquired Newage (The owners of Stamford) in a transition. From 1991-1997, Stamford’s manufacturing expanded across India and China, making them a truly global powerhouse in the industry in time for the 21st Century.

Modern Day Stamford

The Stamford line has continued to grow and expand throughout the 21st Century as a part of Cummings Generator Technologies, which we may touch on soon in a later article. What’s important to know is that since 2013 the Stamford range has been Grid Code compatible, and will work alongside the rest of the Cummins Generator family.

For quality, genuine Diesel generator parts you can rely upon, including Stamford parts as well as the rest of the Cummins Generator Technologies range, contact our team of experts here at PowerMark today and let us help you find the perfect part your Diesel genset needs.

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