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History of PowerMark

History of PowerMark

What does PowerMark mean to you? Are we a competitor? The top result on google for that tricky generator question? Or your go-to supplier for genuine Diesel generator parts? No matter your relationship with us, you might not yet know the history and legacy of the PowerMark brand. So, what is our legacy, and how might it affect your purchasing decision? Learn all this and more below.

History of PowerMark

It all begins around 2014, with Daniel Arnett. After founding our sister site CPS, Daniel learnt some important lessons from the Diesel generator industry. Using his now extensive knowledge, Daniel put his business acumen to the test and noticed a key gap in the niche of Diesel generator parts sellers.

Many parts sellers aimed their services at experts. Technicians and the like with decades of experience, who had built longstanding relations with these sellers. It can be difficult, if not impossible, for someone without said expertise to even complete a purchase with these providers.

Daniel Arnett founded PowerMark with one goal in mind. PowerMark makes every decision to establish a platform where end-user customers, such as yourself, who may not always have decades of generator experience to successfully purchase the genuine parts from top brands that they need.

What’s next for PowerMark?

We have gone on to great success under the leadership of Daniel Arnett. We continue to expand our list of provided parts – now covering the biggest names in the parts industry, such as Cummins and Perkins alongside a range of amazing quality CPS parts. PowerMark launched our Diesel generator Parts Finder in 2019 to make finding the right parts as simple as a request. We recently expanded our range of products to include pre-built Diesel and Petrol generators in a range of specifications from Deutz and Honda respectively. These pre-built generators for sale work in tandem with our SKD and CKD to lower the bar of entry for reliable power – benefitting us all.

Why Choose PowerMark?

PowerMark is continually committed to providing amazing trade prices with amazing service for customers at all levels of expertise with Diesel generators. We employ a dedicated and highly intelligent team of Diesel generator experts who are always available t not only help your find the perfect part – but provide aftersales service that is truly renowned.


If our legacy has sparked your interest, why not read more of our articles? We have an extensive “History Of” series that covers the top Diesel generator parts manufacturers whose products we sell right here on our site. If you’re ready to make a purchase, browse our whole range here. If you’re still not sure, fear not! As aforementioned, our PowerMark team is always here to help – so get in touch today. Thank you for reading!

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