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History of Mecc Alte | PowerMark

History of Mecc Alte

Italian engineering is stereotypically known for its excellence in flourish and charm. Mecc Alte not only supplies that in spades, but their alternators are comparable to (if not greater than) any German or British brand in their reliability and solid manufacturing. Mecc Alte alternators are the market standard for alternators in the Diesel generator industry, which is why are proud to stock an extensive list of genuine Mecc Alte parts available for sale. But how has Mecc Alte reach these heights? Where did the business begin, and how will they continue to grow in the future? Today, our team of experts here at PowerMark bring you the history of Mecc Alte.

Early History of Mecc Alte

After WWII, Italy found itself under a new republic, slowly heading towards the economic boom of the 50s and 60s under the Marshall Plan. In this hopeful new era, one Mario Carraro began a small mechanical workshop. The company saw modest success repairing electric motors for around a decade, slowly growing as time went on. Towards the end of the fifties, however, Mecc Alte began on a path that would bring them longstanding success for decades to come. Mecc Alte began to produce its first Alternators.

Growing Success of Mecc Alte

By the beginning of the seventies, Mecc Alte had seen such success in alternator production they moved to exclusively engage in this line of their business. Whilst Italian politics at the time was wrought with violence and extremism, newfound powerhouses of Industry such as Mecc Alte continued to grow and prosper. Mecc Alte’s reputation for excellence, one could argue, likely began in this period. At the time, Italian workers we’re among the best paid and best treated in Europe due to generous welfare policies. This proved a massive boon to education and skill in the workplace. Combine this with full stomachs and happy hearts and it’s not hard to see why Mecc Alte found themselves on the path to alternator excellence.

The 1980s to the Modern Day: Global spread of Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte opened it’s first Commercial and services branches across the globe in the 1980s, bringing their excellent alternators worldwide. Their first branches were in:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • France


These branches proved to be a massive success, and as Mecc Alte’s expansion stabilised, they were already producing around 1600 alternators per day.

Mecc Alte’s success continues into the modern-day, and you can learn all about it in our article here.


PowerMark hopes this guide has brought to your attention the long-standing and impressive legacy of Mecc Alte and their alternators. Here at PoewerMark, wed aim to provide you with only the finest genuine Diesel generator parts on the market today, from trusted brands including Mecc Alte, Perkins and many more. Browse our range today or contact us to find the right part for you.

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