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Happy Trails: Generator Trailer Guide

Mobility is one of the most powerful advantages you can have in all aspects of life. Speed, efficiency and freedom are often the deciding factors of the success of many endeavours. A Diesel generator is, of course, a stationary piece of kit. However, with a quality generator trailer, for sale right here at PowerMark, you can harness the advantage of mobility and take your power solution to the next level.

What is a Generator Trailer?

A generator trailer is a hitch-able flat trailer designed to support a Diesel genset. They typically have two wheels. Allowing them to be driven around via a sufficiently strong vehicle. They vary in size depending on the kVa of the Diesel generators they’re designed to hold. Here at Powermark, we stock UK-manufactured generator trailers designed for sizes from 8-200kVa.

Generator Trailer Benefits

The main benefit of a Diesel generator trailer is the mobility it provides for your power solution. This can be a major benefit in manual labour industries or emergency situations, where power may be needed at a moment’s notice across multiple sites. A dependable Diesel generator attached to a trailer can also be used to boost power output when necessary.

One rather niche use case, that could become more prominent in the future, is using a trailered Diesel generator to supply emergency battery power for EV vehicles. One of the earliest examples of an electric vehicle, the AC Propulsion, used a Diesel genset attached via trailer as a power source. The leaders of the AC Propulsion team now find themselves part of Tesla Motors, and if your transport company begins to utilise EV technology, ensuring you have an easily deployable backup power solution is essential.

Another good use case example would be for providing supplementary power for a festival or other venue. If an entertainment act were to require additional lighting or et cetera, and the current Diesel generator cannot take this onto its load, a genset attached to a generator trailer could be quickly deployed to boost power output.

Why buy a Generator Trailer from PowerMark

Here at PowerMark, we only supply genuine parts you can trust from quality brands you love. Our range of CPS Generator Trailers are made right here in the UK, which means you can expect the highest degree of quality that comes with the pedigree of UK Diesel generator products. Our generator trailers cover a wide range of kVa sizes and are exportable worldwide. Our team of experts are available worldwide to help you decide on the right generator trailer for you and offer invaluable advice on its operation.

For quality Diesel generator trailers, alternator parts and more from quality Diesel manufacturers including Perkins and Mecc Alte, shop with PowerMark today.

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