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Generator Maintenance : Best Practices to Follow | PowerMark

Generator Maintenance : Best Practices to Follow

Diesel Generators are complicated pieces of machinery, filled with a multitude of intricate parts, all working together to provide you with the power solution you need. So when it comes to picking, installing and maintaining new or replacement parts for your generator it’s vital to ensure you know some good habits & best practices to ensure your Diesel Generator runs just as it did the first time it was turned on.


1.      Safety First.

alternatorThe safety of yourself and your team, and secondly your generator, is always a top priority when dealing with new generator parts. If you or your team is to attempt installing a new generator part, always ensure proper safety procedures are followed for your respective region. It is also vital that the proper repair procedure is followed. If a generator is repaired incorrectly, it may become inoperable or – worse-  cause an incident during repair or later when the generator is turned on. It may be wise to contact a professional for your generator repairs or to call our excellent customer service team with any pressing queries. Remember, it may save time & money in the short-term to bodge the installation of your new part. But it will no doubt lead to far larger and unexpected costs in the future, monetary or otherwise. That’s why we offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our parts, to keep your costs low and allowing you to ensure safety is not disregarded.


2.      Pick the Part You Need.

perkinsThis may sound obvious, but there are a lot of minute differences between parts and their function that could lead to reduced efficiency or generator failures if not considered. As a general rule of thumb, it is usually best to source the same part you are replacing. this includes brand and exact model of the part if you can. That way, you can rest assured the part will function as desired in your system. Of course, a part may need replacing as it has caused issues within your generator such as inefficiencies or incompatibility – rather than accidental or negligent damage. In this case, it may still be ideal to shop for the same brand or a brand you can trust – and we can assure all manufacturers on our site are hand-selected thanks to their continued excellence in quality and design throughout years of experience. Ensure you look carefully at both the specifications of the part you are replacing and the alternative part you choose to replace it. If there are differences, are details you are unsure about, our customer service team at PowerMark is always happy to help.


3.      Take Your Time.

generator partsWhilst replacing a part if you do so yourself or with your team, there is nothing wrong with a double, triple, quadruple or any other amount of checking. Proper installation may increase the longevity of your generator dramatically, but improper installation will no doubt shorten it. Take time to ensure every piece is just where it should be, that every part is in working condition and you can confidently say this will hold. There is nothing wrong with double checking a repairman’s work  – if you know what you’re talking about. Remember, if you have no experience with generators what you might believe to be an issue may be a perfect job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but try to avoid unreasonable accusations and hostility. Try to gauge a situation also; if the person repairing your generator is elbow deep into the machine, putting in hard graft, it may be best to wait a while for a more ideal moment for a chat. If you or your team is performing a repair yourself, why not take the time to perform general maintenance on your generator? A general inspection, lubrication and cleaning could help spot key issues and keep your generator in top shape if you know what you’re doing.



Generators are likely to be one of the most complex and integral pieces of machinery you or your company owns. Following these best practices will ensure the standards of performance and longevity you and your company deserve throughout the generator’s lifespan. With PowerMark, you can also rest assured knowing the parts you require are coming from a trusted source that only stocks the highest quality parts from the best brands – including “Mecc Alte” and “Perkins”. Alongside this, our excellent UK generator customer service team is available at +44 (0)1757 428140 to help you with any queries or issues you may have (more contact options available HERE). So for the best generator parts at the best prices, available in the UK and across the globe – use our parts finder on our homepage.



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