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Glow Plug Guide Halloween

Frozen with Fear: Glow Plugs and Cold Starts

There’s no greater horror than a generator that won’t start. Whether it be due to cold or inactivity, sometimes even the best Diesel generators just don’t start. To avoid the nightmarish horror of an inactive generator this Halloween, you need a glow plug. Read on to learn about a strange glowing object you can depend upon when you’re frozen with fear.

What is a Glow Plug?

A glow plug is a small piece of metal, with a heating element at the end. It is designed to start a Diesel engine. Unlike a petrol engine, a spark plug is not built into a Diesel generator. This is because compression is used to generate hot pressurised air to create combustion in a Diesel generator. Therefore, a glow plug is required to create the ideal temperature for the air in the engine to cause combustion.

How Does a Glow Plug Work?

When a Diesel generator is turned on in particularly cold weather, it won’t start right away. First, the glow plug will begin to heat the air inside the generator. On older models, this can take up to 6-8 seconds, but your typical modern glow plug will heat in around 2-3 seconds. Many glow plugs heat up to over 1000 degrees, giving them their distinctive glow. Once they have heated the engine to an ideal temperature for combustion, a glow plug may stay heated to ensure that temperature can be maintained. This could last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the temperature

Why Buy a Glow Plug from PowerMark?

PowerMark supplies only the highest quality UK and EU components for the job, from genuine suppliers you know and trust. All of our products are thoroughly checked to ensure their quality, everytime. Our best-in-class glow plugs are made right here in the UK and are possessed by the British Spirit that demands the highest quality from generator parts. Not only are our Diesel engine Glow plugs premiere pieces of perfect equipment, but they’re also versatile; being available in 30kva up to 200kVa. There’s no better choice for glow plugs on the market, no matter what your generator needs this Halloween.


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