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Everything you need to know about servicing your Diesel generator | PowerMark

Everything you need to know about servicing your Diesel generator

If you own a diesel generator, then you need to ensure you understand how to keep them running efficiently and without costly breakdowns or services. Keeping up with the maintenance schedule will help ensure that you don’t lose power when you need it most and could ensure any potential issues are diagnosed before they create a disaster.

Depending on your usage, you should have your generator serviced every six months or around 400 hours of running time, whichever comes first. This should include a full inspection of all of your diesel generator parts. Keeping a routine maintenance schedule will help your generator run at peak performance, regardless of its age. Diesel generator servicing will highlight any problems before they happen and take any extra strain off other parts of the system.

A full inspection will include running the diesel generator, the exhaust and fuel systems and the DC electrical unit. A technician will look out for any leaks. You will require an oil change at regular intervals too, and this should occur at around the 500hr running mark. A technician will be able to advise you if and when your fuel filter needs to be changed.

The coolant level will be checked and inspected for any dirt or potential obstruction and might be topped up. Your fuel system will also need to be checked, and due to the corrosion issues with diesel, your technician may advise you to have a full drain. Your fuel filters should be drained regularly too.

The starting procedure will be tested as this could be a significant issue for you if any failures crop up. Your technician will advise you of any problems that need immediate attention, and he will also make suggestions as to work you ought to get carried out before the next service is due. It’s essential to take any advice that is given to you as an emergency call-out could be costly, and you may have to wait for a technician to fit you in, which could cause a disruption to your work.

Regular testing is also vital to help support the service maintenance and keep things running smoothly. Check your energy output and make a note of all the readings or any indicators. This can be relayed to your technician when he comes for your routine service and will help with the condition of the generator.

Make sure you log every inspection and record what parts are changed and if any repairs have been made. This will be an essential guide for all of your future diesel generator services. A log is an excellent way of tracing back through the history to find the source of a current issue.

Your diesel generator is an incredibly durable and reliable system which is why they are so popular. However, as they have to withstand heavy loads for long periods of time, keeping them serviced is crucial.

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