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Testing a Electronic governor fitted to a CPS Perkins Machine

Testing an Electronic Governor fitted to a Perkins Machine

Datacentres require a Diesel Generator for back up / standby power to make sure they offer their clients a fool proof uninterrupted service. Not only from the likes of DOS and DDOS attacks but also from power cuts.
They require to offer their clients no point of failure service, so for this most if not all Data Centres will have a backup Diesel Generator and a UPS Systems and a ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
With this in mind the Diesel Generator will be connected to the main grid which is set at 50hz, so their is no drop in frequency, we must fit an electronic governor. This governor will make sure that the frequency on the generator does not drop or adjust between 52hz and 48hz, instead it will stay at an even 50hz. Please see the video to understand.
See below a video on us testing a Generator on 50hz with an electronic governor, which our engineers fitted themselves.