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DSE Control Module Troubleshooting

DSE Control Module Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting your control module is one of the most manageable parts of Diesel generator maintenance. Moreover, the ease of use of this part makes it a perfect entry point for those new to working with Diesel generators. Learn all about Diesel generator control module troubleshooting with the genuine online supplier of authentic DSE control modules and Diesel generator parts from top brands, PowerMark,  below!


In this guide, we’ll be discussing generalised troubleshooting steps for Deep Sea Electronics Control Modules. DSE is the brand you’ll find for sale here at PowerMark and the brand you’ll find on the fantastic bespoke Diesel generators on our sister site CPS. We have done our best as Diesel generator experts to generalise these steps for all DSE control modules. However, some procedures may be different based on your model. Contact our team on our 24/7 helpline for model-specific advice.

DSE Control Module Won’t Turn On / Keeps Shutting Down

Three common issues can lead to a Control Module becoming inoperative. These are faulty wiring, incorrect supply voltage and high operating temperatures.

The first issue to check is temperature. You can quickly do temperature checks with a variety of tools. The temperature should not exceed around 70 degrees Celsius for most control modules. This issue can be remedied by simply leaving your Diesel generator inactive for a short period.

Next, make sure your Diesel generator battery is operational. The voltage supplied to your control module must also be in the correct range. The specifics depend on the model of DSE control module you’re using; it’s typically within the scope of 9-35V of DC power.

If these steps fail, it may be best to get a professional to examine any potential faulty wiring, fuses and batteries in your Genset.

Generator Won’t Respond to DSE Control Module Remote Start

Usually, you won’t remedy a generator fault that leads to your power solution becoming inoperable without experience. However, some easily fixed factors relating to your DSE control module may affect startup procedures. For example, wiring to glow plugs, solenoids and starter motors from the control module may lead to inoperative remote start procedures. Battery supply, polarity configuration and delay timers may also be an issue. Make sure to check all three on your control module to find a potential remedy!

What does the alarm on my DSE Control Module mean?

DSE Control Modules employ a multitude of notices and warnings to ensure the safety of your generator and your workers. Here is a quick list of the most common causes of these alarms and steps to be taken to remedy the issues:

Issue Solution
Oil Pressure Low Fault Check oil pressure and oil pressure sensor, as well as configured polarity.
Coolant Temp High Fault Check engine temperature and check for faults/incompatibilities in sensors.
Shutdown/Electrical/Warning Fault Check the relevant switches and wiring for the indicated fault.
ECU Amber/Red The engine ECU has detected a fault, contact a repair specialist.


We hope this guide helps you effectively operate and troubleshoot your DSE control module. For top-quality genuine Deep Sea Electronics control modules available for sale, alongside genuine Diesel generator parts from trusted manufacturers, browse the PowerMark range today.

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